Luxury Housing Is Making A Come Back In India
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Luxury Housing Is Making A Come Back in India

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Facility Management Consultant
2012 is now the year the real estate market in India is making a turn. It is every person’s dream to live in a comfortable, cozy, top-end luxury home. With an increase in user demand and new product offerings, it seems like luxury housing projects are making a comeback in india.Luxury housing

This is not to say that low-cost economical housing has taken a backseat, but rather that that market has become stagnant. Also due to rising interest rates and labor charges, builders are put in a stressful position with regards to profitable execution of such projects.

 Whereas on the other hand, luxury housing developers are offering a variety of exquisite housing options ranging from Singapore-style apartments to branded luxury houses and digital building management.There is an increase in demand of such houses by high-end buyers in the luxury market who previously had to look outside the country for such options.

 The luxury housing real estate market is coming up in a huge way all over India. There are multiple projects coming up in NCR with Gurgaon and Noida being the hub of these projects. Builders are developing luxury and super luxury homes and studio apartments for NRIs in cities like Bhopal, Indore, Dehradun and Amritsar.

 Real estate developers are also targeting the superrich market segment with ultra luxurious housing and holiday homes. In prime holiday destinations such as Lonavala, Goa, Kasauli and Shimla, they offer supersized luxurious villas that range from 5-15 crores.

 Even global luxury brands are partnering with Indian developers to bring in the super luxury branded apartments in India. These housing projects have come up in Banglore and the commercial capital Mumbai. A lot of Indian real estate developers are making tie-ups with international developers and architects to provide the world-class living to its willing-to-pay clientele, and are providing innovative space management techniques to really make these properties a high value.

 All in all there is a constant increasein consumer's standard of living and buying power. And while the economy is still sluggish and trying to get back on its feet, growth of luxury housing in India definitely seems bright.