Top 5 Technologies In Facility Management
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editricon Top 5 Technologies in Facility Management

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Facility Management Consultant
Facility management initially a building management system course is nowadays quite advanced and currently refers to the management of a client’s computer installations by a selected organization. It also encompasses the maintenance, management, use and care of commercial buildings. Some or all operations, which include datacenter and programming are undertaken by the facilities management organization on the client’s location. There are some top Technologies used in Facility Management and they are discussed below.


Computer-aided Facilities Management (CAFM)

The computer-aided facility management (CAFM) is simply property management software that is designed to aid Facility managers monitor their organizations property through the linkage of a variety of information electronically. This software has a string of benefits but the top one being that a lot of time, money and energy are saved through its utilization. CAFM systems aid in integration of the FM team with the stem processes of the business and add the profile inside the business.



The Auto CAD software is used for faster, effective generation and detailing of shop drawings for reinforced concrete constructions or for steel. This software assists design drafters and structural engineers to come up with accurate, complete fabrication shop drawings. The utilization of this software in the corporate world sees to it that the production of accurate and detailed shop drawings is enhanced.


Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)

CMMS is maintenance management software that is utilized in the organization and maintenance of a specific department of a business or company. An information database of the businesses maintenance operations is maintained by CMMS. This helps the business employee’s to work even more effectively and efficiently moreover aiding the management to make knowledgeable decisions. The advantage of this software is its accuracy and efficiency in the maintenance of a company’s property, equipments and assets.


Financial Information Management System (FIMS)

Financial information Management systems (FIMS), is software that aids in the accurate, efficient and precise organization and management of a company’s documents. The importance of this software is that the endless stress and toil managers face in document handling and imaging can be quickly, permanently and efficiently solved with the use of Financial Information Management System (FIMS)


Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

This is an enterprise platform; it assists in the management, disposal, planning, utilization and design of an association’s location-based property. IWMS was developed to resolve the world’s business challenges and varied requirements of multinational firms. The main advantage of this software in the corporate world is the effective management of costly assets, which include facilities, projects and real estates.