Bamnoli A Beautiful Place Of Natural Beauty
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Bamnoli a Beautiful Place of Natural Beauty

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A beautiful place where you can spend your whole weekend peacefully is known as Bamnoli. It is basically a small village which is very clean as well as developed if compare to the other villages. Here, you can spend your whole day with your family members and friends with enjoying the village life of our country. There is a lake which is situated near by this village which also enhances its natural ambience largely. So, any nature lover will be deeply fascinated by this place in terms of nature beauty.

It is very essential in today’s world that one should leave the technology world for some time and spend some time in our ancient cultural place of India. In view of this, Bamnoli is a place that is worth visiting. This small village has everything to take you to the world of peace and calmness. Located on the Shivsagar Lake’s shore, it is known for fishing and boating.

In addition there are a number of good attractions which you can explore. For instance, you can visit fort Vasota or you can hire a boat to visit Tapola, a nearby interesting location worth exploring. It is important to note that due to its beauty, Tapola is known as the mini Kashmir of India. Thus there is much more to explore and enjoy here.

If you want to know how to get there then there are several good options available. If you don’t have time, then it is advisable to get a flight to the nearby destination of this place. By this way you need not to waste time on traveling and you can use that time in visiting more beautiful attractions there.

So what are you waiting for? Book your flights today and visit Tapola today! A small break to this wonderful location is sure to reenergize you and your family.

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