Have You Heard About Karla Caves?
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Have you heard about Karla Caves?

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The incredible India is full of thousands of sites which are so magnificent that anyone just can’t prevent himself from being fascinated by its beauty. One of these magnificent sites of India is known as Karla Caves. These caves are the fine example of the ancient Indian architecture and fine architectural style of the historical people. It is basically a Buddhist rock cut cave shrine which was built in the 2nd Century. These caves have bloomed from the very long time and still are holding on the Earth with its past glory.

The Karla Caves are one of the oldest cave shrines in the world and people from all over the world come here to visit this place. These caves are located near the beautiful place of Lonavla in the state of Maharashtra. So the weekends can be spent by the local people here to have a great fun. In addition the visit to this place can be very educational also for the kids in terms of history. So, why not we try to educate our future generation in terms of our history rather than in terms of technology and video games?

In addition the Archeological Survey of India maintains this site for its protection and preservation. In addition the surroundings are also very charming and clean to enjoy the family picnics. The whole family members with the friends too can enjoy at this place. In order to reach this place any means of transport can be used. The airways can be used to reach the nearest city of this place and from then onwards buses or railways can be used. Buses can reach this place directly.

So what are you waiting for? Try this different type of place rather than visiting the hill station every holiday! This trip will be very pleasant for you.

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