Best OBD2 Mercedes Scanner
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Best OBD2 Mercedes Scanner

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Mercedes-Benz is all about refinement, class and prestige. We know that they are luxurious, and fast but they can also be troublesome to repair. In this article we’ll discuss a few OBD2 Mercedes-Benz scanners  that we use and recommend.

Mercs are fast and inspiring to drive. The first Merc that I drove was a 1999 SLK 230. That little beast had a manual tranny with the smoothest rowing gearbox I ever came across. The dealer let me take it out for a cruise and the first straight-away we came across I opened er up… and WOW! That little 2.3L engine made the dotted road lines turn solid! I had to let off the throttle because the turn one-quarter mile away was coming up way too fast!

Not only do these cars increase gravity by ten-fold when you hit the go-peddle, but Mercedes is also regarded as the benchmark of automotive technology. Think about it: those in-car gadgets that you see in modern cars were almost always first seen in Mercs, like antilock brakes or ABS and the night vision system (yeah, it’s a thing, check it out here). If you want to see the future of the automobile, you can always go to the nearest Mercedes dealership and check out the latest model of the Mercedes S-Class.

Best OBD2 Mercedes Scanner

That car is loaded with all the tech that you can imagine, but if something goes wrong (like the check engine light suddenly came on) then you need an Auto Scanner Tools that is designed to work with your Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance and Repairs

When it comes to repair and maintenance, there is no question about the complexity of German cars. Compared to affordable Japanese cars, Mercedes vehicles are obsessively engineered to provide Autobahn-bashing performance and stellar safety ratings. The use of the finest materials comes standard, and fit and finish is always immaculately flawless. Without mentioning the terrible Mercs of the 90’s (with reliability problems and poor interior quality), Mercedes cars need a lot of TLC (that’s tender loving care, folks) from their respective owners, despite the robust performance and build quality.

Planning to buy a used Mercedes? You need to have a keen eye and watch out for the danger signs such as small oil leaks and a check engine light on the dash. As we previously mentioned, Mercedes cars are reliable and durable, provided that they were serviced religiously by the previous owner. Mercedes parts are also notoriously expensive. You can expect to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars with every visit to the dealership.

If your Mercedes has a check engine light that suddenly came ON, you should purchase an OBD2 scan tool before anything else. This tool will save you hundreds of dollars in diagnostic fees, and it will spare you from dealing with a dishonest mechanic. But before you proceed, you need to find out the OBD ii protocol of your Mercedes.

Mercedes Engine Diagnostic Tips

When you buy a Mercedes you want it to run perfectly throughout its life. It’s one of the most iconic cars in the world, and you’ve probably paid top dollar for it. However, like every car, it only works as well as you would like it to. That means you have to take care of it and respond to problems if, and when, they arise. This can be most commonly be accomplished by paying attention to your Check Engine Light. It is set off by the Engine Control Unit that notices a general fault with your engine.