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Looking at the recent eventuality in Mumbai when Anna Hazare went on to another round of fasting. So many questions arises in the minds of common men, that why the movement against corruption failed? There is a lot of doubt and misunderstanding among the citizen of India and the opinion is virtually torn apart whether to trust Anna and his team or not.

But the reality is different, we would be committing one more mistake if we bluntly reject Anna and his team. Because all has not gone wrong yet, atleast he has successfully waken up Indian people to speak against corruption on all level and section of Indian society and if it is required then also act against this evil. HE has definitely ignited minds of common mass, from a highly intellectual to a small Rixawala on small town is aware of his movement and support him too. But the unfortunate thing is, we all as middle, lower middle class and poor of this country are running after earning our daily requirements and it is getting quite difficult to spare time and resource to actively participate in the movement.

It is not Anna who failed to enlighten hearts of Indian middleclass and poor people but we have been failed to respond to his call for the peaceful struggle against corruption.

And as always happen in this country the irresponsible media once again plaid it wrongly and created news content that Anna failed in his quest. Tell me what you could expect from a lone crusader of 70 year fighting against lacs of corrupt people all across our country spread in different sections of Government system and the society? From all the corners of India, there are people who do not want that Anna succeed in his mission. And let me tell you that political system is not only corrupt but there is a large section of people in our society who has double standards when complaining against corruption and encouraging corruption. These are the people who have played big role in diluting the momentum of the anti corruption mission.

Until and unless we do not left behind our urge for easy way out from our responsibility, the evil of corruption will not go away. When we want to escape our responsibility, we use corruption as golden key to solve problem and when we have to pay the same against our will, we foul cry against it!

Simply put, corruption in this country is co-created epidemic which is not ready to cure since we do not have enough immunity for that! We all are one way or the other, knowingly or unknowingly allow to spread it in our society. Here Anna cannot do anything alone, we all have to walk with him, sitting in our drawing room viewing TV News and criticizing about Anna Hazare is not going to help!

Just try to fast for three days and that too with such mental pressure and responsibility and fighting against demoralizing forces in ruling government and in media is not a small task. It is very easy to criticize others, but really difficult to do the same. We are not able to do a written complaint against local municipality for irregular water supply and we act like Anna Hazares advisor that he should have done this way or this way! Even Gandhiji did not succeed in single round of struggle, there are incidence of people who lose their patience in our freedom struggle. So let us have patience and courage to join the movement against corruption! When Gandhiji started struggle, the opposition was the British Government and its system, but in front of Anna there is Indian Government and its system! This is the biggest difference in these two distinct eventualities in the passage of history.  First say no to corruption in your daily life and around your locality and in local government, encourage other to follow path of uncorrupt life and move further to national level from all the corner of the nation to make anticorruption movement a success. For this day dream, we cannot expect everything from Annaji alone, we will have to strengthen his hands and will, infact we need lacs of Annaji like people to win against this evil. This not a one day match where we expect result at the end of the day! It will require years to clean entire system, we fought for 200 years for complete freedom, now in this freedom struggle from corruption we will have to fight tirelessly may be for decades if not for centuries!

This struggle is not against foreign government or people, but with our own value system and with our own people.

At last my humble urge to all my fallow national that please, do not demoralize Annaji, if you cannot walk with him, do not stand against him!

Jai Hind


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