How To Decorate Your Room?
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How to Decorate your room?

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Decorating any room is a task that takes planning and careful consideration. You must think about the colors used, the purpose of the room and the way it will be lit. Another area to consider is texture. Textures created by soft floor rugs or plaited wood can make a room even more alluring. Use wicker and rattan to add a tactile element to any space. Wicker is made of the slender parts of trees or other plants such as willow, reeds and rattan. Rattan is just a more specific kind of wicker. The rattan plant grows in the rain forests of Southeast Asia in long slender stems that wind around trees. It is both durable and flexible.

1.Use wicker and rattan furniture. Wicker and rattan strands have long been used to create furniture. Purchase a sofa, tables and matching chairs made from rattan or wicker. Usually each piece is topped with soft elements, such as cushions, to make it more comfortable to sit on. Wicker and rattan can be dyed in any color of your choice. Consider a soft color, such as white, in order to keep the light and airy feel of the items.

2.Use wicker and rattan as accent pieces. Place rattan boxes on staircases to offer contrast with carpeted surfaces. Add a lamp with a wicker base in a room otherwise decorated with metallic surfaces. Place a picture on the wall with a rattan frame.

3.Mix with other wooden items to create a subtle contrast in textures and to make any room feel more interesting to the eye. Place rattan boxes on top of a wooden dining table. Group small pictures in wicker frames on top of a grand piano. Use a wicker table in the same room with standard wooden table base.

4.Bring the outdoors inside. Wicker and rattan call the outdoors to mind. Use them to create a nature theme. Place large plants in rattan pots. Use a rug made of wicker fibers on the floor. Gather leaves and flowers, and place them on a rattan backing. Cover with glass, add a frame and hang on the wall.

5.Decorate a patio. Wicker and rattan are often used as material for patio furniture. The advantages of this include the material's ability to withstand the elements, the feeling of airiness it can evoke, and the wood's durability. If you have an enclosed porch, consider purchasing wicker and rattan furniture. Scale the furniture to the appropriate size. Larger spaces should have larger items. Smaller spaces look best with an intimate grouping of items in a single corner. Coordinate with the colors on the outside of the house by using furniture in a similar color. The furniture should blend in with the rest of the house.