The Forced Sterilisation Of Indians. A Crime Against Humanity.
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The Forced Sterilisation of Indians. A Crime Against Humanity.

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Tens of millions of pounds of UK aid money and tens of millions of dollars of US aid money have been spent on a programme that has forcibly sterilised Indian women and men. “Many have died as a result of botched operations, while others have been left bleeding and in agony. A number of pregnant women selected for sterilisation suffered miscarriages and lost their babies.”  – The Observer 15th April 2012, U.K.  

These ladies were forcibly sterilised while they were pregnant. This cruelty is comparable to the tortures inflicted by the Nazis on their victims during the Second World War.

The UK agreed to give India £166m to fund the programme. "The U.S. and the World Bank are also sending funds through 'foreign-aid' programmes." - Occupy Corporatism 18th May 2012.

In 2010 alone, according to a Congressional Research Services report, India received $126.6 million from USAID, including $22 million for various family-planning programs.

Why is the Indian government allowing this atrocity to continue?

The Western countries say the population of the world needs to be controlled because of climate change. This is pseudo-science. It is also hypocrisy, as the female citizens of developed countries are actively encouraged to have children.

Climate change is a condition that the countries of the Western world have created, through their own greed and irresponsible use of the world’s resources. It is a well known fact that developed nations have the highest carbon dioxide emissions per capita. America has 19.18. The U.K. has 9.38. Australia has 20.82. And India? India has just 1.31.

Why are Indian women being punished so cruelly for a condition that they did not create? In fact, the women who are being brutally sterilised because of “climate change” are the poorest Indian women, the ones who actually live in harmony with nature and were brought up to recycle resources and respect the environment by their own mothers. These Indian women do not waste anything. And they are being forcibly prevented from having Indian children.

At the same time, other poverty-stricken Indian ladies are being turned into flesh factories for the use of infertile white couples. Increasing numbers of sterile couples are going to India to find surrogate mothers, because they cannot afford to pay the rates charged by surrogates in their own countries. In India surrogacy costs anything from $12,000 to $50,000. Out of $50,000, the hospital gets $20,000. The middleman (the Agency) gets $15,000. And the Indian women who actually have the child, sometimes undergoing difficult, even life-threatening pregnancies, get $5000. The excuse is that $5000 is a lot of money in India. The amount the Indian surrogates get if the overall cost is less than that (i.e. $12,000) is negligible. And the reality is that it is frankly disgusting exploitation.

To add insult to injury, the Indian surrogate mother is prohibited from using her own eggs – “out of concern that she might feel an attachment to the child.” - ABC News U.S.A.

So the eggs are taken from those donated by white women. Hmm ... are the people who are paying the Indian surrogate mother peanuts really concerned about her feelings? Or is there another, extremely disturbing reason for denying her the right to use her own eggs? I cannot judge, but the facts seem to speak for themselves.

Do Indian women have no rights in their own country? It is a woman’s right to choose whether to have children or not. It is unjust to deny her that right. And if a woman chooses to be a surrogate mother, it is her right to be paid appropriately for that role.

It is also the right of every man to choose whether to have children or not. It is unjust to deny him that right.

It is inhuman to target those people in society who are powerless to fight against the brutality directed against them.

Even the poorest men and women deserve to be able to choose whether to have children or not. That is one of their basic rights as human beings. Even the poorest men and women in a democracy deserve to be protected against abuse and exploitation. Those are two of their basic rights as citizens.

India gave birth to some of the oldest democracies in the world – like the ancient state of Kalinga. India has also given birth to some of the most humane societies of the world - such as those ruled by Ashoka and Akbar. And now India is the largest democracy in the world.

Surely even the poorest Indians deserve to enjoy their basic rights as human beings and as citizens of one of the great democracies of the world?


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