The Castrol Power 1
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The Castrol Power 1

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Entrepreneur and Consultant
In November 1979 I had the privilege of buying my first Scooter “ Bajaj Chetak” from their Show Room at Bangalore.  I was greatly Excited .  Took my Scooter to the nearest “Ganesha (Elephant Faced God’s) Temple” and had the pooja performed by the priest by breaking a coconut and distributing sweets to all my neighbours and friends. The first 500 KMS was a slow driving experience of up to 30 KMPH. After 1500 KMS I had the first Servicing done which included change of engine oil with Castrol ,  cleaning the Spark Plug, etc. in the first month FREE Service


Now my Exhilaration knew no bounds, I could ride at a speed of  up to 100 kms per hour. So I went on long drives.  I went from Bangalore to Mysore covering a distance of  140 KMS  with a break for Snacks within 2 hours, overtaking many other travelers in Cars, Scooters, Tractors, Trucks, etc., and could not resist the temptation of overtaking successfully anything that moved on the roads.  From Mysore to Hassan,  Hassan to Chennarayapatna, Gomatgiri then back to Bangalore. 

Most of the Highways did not give me any problem, except the stretch between Chennarayapatna to Gomatgiri which had some roads under repair.  Once while negotiating a Curve, the road ahead was not visible due to Bushes by the side of the road, had a pit in the middle of the Road.  My scooter safely jumped into the air and landed after hitting the stone kept to prevent vehicles from landing into the pit and took me about 8 to 10 feet ahead, but did not lose balance and kept riding.  This was really exciting as I had the experiencing a high Jump and a long jump all at one go.

Never did my Bajaj Chetak scooter trouble me in it’s entire life of 20 years it served my travelling pleasures, as I always got it serviced whenever It required.  During this period I learnt  how to change the Clutch cable and Gear Cable which I always carried spare and also cleaning the Spark Plug whenever needed, and also changing the engine oil with Castrol regularly. I became an expert in draining the used oil and refilling the engine with 30 grade or 40 grade Castrol even if I didn’t have a funnel, making use of paper which I used to roll up and use as a Funnel.

In 1999, when I started using only my Car due to size of expansion in my family, I still use Castrol as I’ve come to believe in it’s reliability.