First Thing In The Morning...
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First thing in the morning...

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Technical Analyst
Every day in the morning spend few minutes to know about your self. While doing his dont divert your mind to another things. Just fully concentrate on what you are doing.It helps you to plan you schedule for that day perfectly. It encourages you to manage your self , and to use 24 hr.s of time effectively, productively.Know all your strengths and notice how you can use them in your day to day life, so that you can complete your job few mintues earlier than it's usual.

In this time recollect all the work that you have to complete on that day, and divide it as per priority in the time quadrant. Finish these tasks as per your plan. So  that at the end you have to rush.

 Also give some time to your self where you can learn new skills, or learn your favourite thing like dance, music etc.. This gives new rejuvanation and build confidence in you.

In beginning it looks little tough as you go on it becomes habit.

Happy Morning ...