How To Reduce Conflict At Workplace?
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How to reduce Conflict at workplace?

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Conflict management refers to the long-term management of intractable conflicts. It is the label for the variety of ways by which people handle grievances—standing up for what they consider to be right and against what they consider to be wrong. We have to manage ourself and our subordinate so could save to fall pray for something which is not desirable in an organization which needs successful team to achieve organizational goal.

The following pointers can help reduce conflict at workplace:

1. Regularly review job descriptions. Get your employee's input to them. Write down and date job descriptions. Ensure:

a. Job roles don't conflict.

2. Intentionally build relationships with all subordinates.

a. Meet at least once a month alone with them in office.

b. Ask about accomplishments, challenges and issues.

3. Get regular, written status reports and include:

a. Accomplishments.

b. Currents issues and needs from management.

c. Plans for the upcoming period.

4. Conduct basic training about:

a. Interpersonal communications.

b. Conflict management.

c. Delegation.

5. Develop procedures for routine tasks and include the employees' input.

a. Have employees write procedures when possible and appropriate.

b. Get employees' review of the procedures.

c. Distribute the procedures.

d. Train employees about the procedures.

6. Regularly hold management meetings, for example, every month, to communicate new initiatives and status of current programs.

7. Consider an anonymous suggestion box in which employees can provide suggestions.

By Priti Shah

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