A Breezy Way For Car Stereo Installation
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A Breezy Way for Car Stereo Installation

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If you are a music lover, then a factory stereo system will not satisfy your music thirst. You might want to upgrade it or replace with a better one, and if you are hesitant about approaching a professional owing to cost, you might as well do a car stereo installation all by yourself. Before starting with your car stereo installation, it is important to choose the right car stereo system that will be apt for your car. For installation, you need certain basic tools such as screwdrivers, socket wrench, wire cutters, wire strippers, electrical tape and wire ties. 

Easy Installation steps

1. Unfix the old factory stereo using the screw driver. First remove the front panel and then the second panel. Remove any screws or bolts that attach the radio to the car.

2. The most important part while doing a car stereo installation is to disconnect the car’s negative battery and other power issuing cables to avoid any short-circuits.

3. After unplugging, mounting the new stereo is the next part of installation. There are two types of mounting, ISO mounting and ring mounting. In an ISO mounting, the new system can be replaced smoothly into the previous radio brackets. Whereas, in a ring mounting, the whole bracket has to be altered using the kit, and the system has to be placed. 

4. Now, connect cables of the new stereo system.

5. Your car audio installation is completed by re-connecting unplugged cables and the negative battery terminal. 
Few tips during car audio installation

1. Go through the instruction manual before you begin with the car audio installation. 

2. Connect the Yellow wire to the fuse box; dark blue wire to the power antenna, dark blue with white wire should be connected to the remote amplifier and while the orange one is to be connected to the wire with voltage to switch on the lights.

3. If you want maximum effect of speakers, then make sure there are no gaps or holes while fixing new speakers to the old factory location.

4. Find a suitable amplifier and fix it in the right place. Since amplifiers generate heat, it is better to fix it in a place where it can transmit its heat.
Doing the car audio installation all by yourself gives a kind of satisfaction. 
Other accessories to install:Install GPS navigation system to your car and make your travel safer, especially when traveling in an unknown territory. Installing GPS navigation gives you information about the position of the car and also gives you the best route to take while traveling.

Earlier, iPod car installation was a tedious task, but now it has become one of the easiest jobs to do. If you have the right signal transfer, a proper power supply and a car mount, you can securely install your iPod to your car. You can listen to your collection of songs while driving.

A car stereo installation needs careful handling as it might harm your system and your car, if mishandled. Custom installations like car audio installation, GPS navigation, car TV installation and iPod car installation can give the best output only if they are installed in the right way. All parts that are required for these installations are available at http://www.motormusiccarstereo.com/.