Domestic Violence
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Domestic violence

Senior Legal Associate
It's 00:42 hours in my clock and I am awake..writing a blog after a torture that went on for around an hour. This time it crossed limits while the rest of the time, it was kind of a small dose. You must be wondering what I am talking about, well its the ghar ghar ki kahani..Domestic violence. Sometimes, I really pray that God shouldn't have made me a female. In some things, I feel completely helpless.

Almost every morning, when I wake to get ready, I hear a man abusing his children. Tonight was indeed a bit different, maybe becuase it was a weekend and I happened to be home when the torture began. His daughter was screaming for help. I could not tolerate the language this man uses. I am not even sure whether he is drunk the whole day or only at night. It took some courage for me to finally open the door and see what was happening. I saw his daughter crying and thought to myself how her father is making her life hell. The worst part was that even other family memebers were not keen to find a solution to this thing.

You get married, have numerous kids; all thanks to unprotected intercourse and 'say no to family planning agenda'; and when it becomes unbearable to meet the expenditure, all that you do is beat your wife and your kids. Domestic violence can be physical as well as mental and emotional. People do not understand that the emotional trauma that they induce in a victim cannot be washed away. I gathered courage and asked a friend to go and talk to them. By that time, the demon had gone to bed and I was assured that it wont happen at night. The question is what about the day?

At one point, it all got so ugly that I actually thought that this person is going to kill somebody tonight. I wanted to talk to his family but something pulled me back. My friends were wooried that if I tried to resolvee all this, the educated moron could develop enimity with me and could harm me whenever he got a chance.

To my surprise, not even a single person came to their rescue. I ask everybody, why? Arent you harassed or shocked to see such things around you? Oh yes, I almost forgot that people do not want to be dragged in these things but if we are the ones who are not going to put a stop to this, then who is?

I am sick and tired of calling up police for everything that happens wrong. Why don't people themselves try to stop this violence or torture that is inflicted by their family members every day? If the women of the family themselves or other family members start resisting this behavior and give an abuser a good beating for once, I dont think there is going to be any problem.

We need to fight with this evil together. Guys, please give me some suggestions that will really make us fight against this social evil.