Travel Photography Guide: How To Take Street Portraits In India
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Travel Photography Guide: How to Take Street Portraits in India

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India is perhaps one of the best countries on earth for street photography. With its vibrant colors and dramatic scenes, photographers will not have a hard time getting some great-looking photos.

 Here are a few photography tips that will certainly result in beautiful and incredible street shots in India.

 1. Follow the rule of thirds.

The golden rule of thirds is the most popular yet the most basic composition rule. Mainly, you divide your photo into thirds, forming nine rectangles. Then you place your subject on one of the points (intersecting lines). Your photo will look notable with your subject placed elsewhere. You’re free to break this rule. But in general, you want to keep away from putting your subject at the center. It’s almost always more striking when a subject is placed off-center.

 2. People are great subjects.

In street photography, people are perfect subjects. Don’t shy away from photographing people. Try to be friendly by smiling and even asking them if you can take a picture of them. If you have lenses for distance shots, you can take a photograph from your car.

 3. There are plenty of landscapes.

Landscapes are the best subject for photography in India. India is known for its diverse landscapes and colors. From beaches to mountains and from deserts to jungles, you will definitely capture the beauty of India.  Along with its rich history of civilization and architecture, you can turn any place into a great shot. Photographing around twilight is perfect for landscapes. Use a tripod so you can adjust your aperture and have a high F stop. Thus, the depth-of-field can be maximized.

 4. Bring a tripod.

The problem with taking photos in low light, around dawn and dusk, is that your shutter speed tends to be slow. To counteract this, use a tripod as mentioned above. Make sure that the tripod is sturdy and lightweight, particularly if you plan on shooting a lot of different location at different times.

5. Look for funny scenes and signs.

India is filled with entertaining scenes and signs. Look for unique and interesting things such as a motorcycle overloaded with 10 people! Be ready at any given moment. Keep your camera at hand if you want to capture such instances. It is often helpful if your camera setting is ready for fast motion.

 6. Shoot from unusual angles.

Unusual angles can help you capture images that create a stronger impact, especially if you’re photographing a well-known tourist spot like the Taj Mahal. Be creative and walk around to discover some unusual angles. Get a breathtaking shot to surprise your viewers.

 7. Don’t shoot in the sun.

Hard light produces hard shadows. When you take a portrait of a person in the sun, hard shadows will appear under the eyes. Most of the time, this won’t give you a good portrait. A general rule in taking photographs is that the light is best one hour after before sunset and one hour before sunrise. This is especially true in India.

 India is known for its rich history and unique cultural heritage. Their numerous temples are nothing but treasure. For any photographer who has the passion for photographing street corners and heritage structures, you can easily find beautiful inspirations in the country. Many photographers and travelers in India sell photos online. You can do the same as a means of gaining income while you pursue your passion.