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Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal today reached Ahmedabad to embark on his four-day Gujarat tour in order to verify BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's development claims. "Since last year we are listening to Modiji that Ram raj has come in Gujarat. Education and health facilities have increased and their level has become good. Therefore, we have come to see the change and development. The former Delhi Chief Minister is expected to travel to several places across the state.

He will also address a public meeting in Ahmedabad on the last day of his tour. Kejriwal had earlier said that the so-called 'Modi wave' was a creation of the media and opinion polls that were in favour of the BJP prime ministerial candidate were paid for.Latest News from Gujrat shows unprecedented election fever.

"You people keep talking about the development in Gujarat. How do you know that it is true, that media is right? Therefore, I am going away to Gujarat to check out the development there," said Kejriwal, while addressing a rally in Kanpur.

"Paid opinion polls are projecting a win for Narendra Modi. He still hasn't replied to my letter, how will he answer people's questions? In fact, he hasn't even acknowledged the receipt of my POLL


Kerjriwal is goin to gujrat .. just to put congress back in action.  Because he had achived the post just because of lovely ( congress ) .   let us see what is going  in gujrat.