What Are The Different Types Of Welding Machines Used In Different Industries?
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What are the Different Types of Welding Machines Used in Different Industries?

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Welding Machine is equipment, which is used to weld or joint two metals or alloys together using another metal component as filler. Usually structure-less metals and alloys are joint using types of welding machines to give them desired shape and make them sturdier than they would be if it were a single piece.

These machines are available in different sizes as per their utility. A large size machine would be used in a factory and a handy machine is available for domestic purpose. Types of machines that are available in the market vary from Arc welding machine, types of welding machines, Plasma Cutting machine, Resistance welding machine, Solid State Welding machine and less known types are Induction and Thyristorised welding machines.

Among all the types of welding machines, Arc type machines are the most efficient and effective. According to the type of material used to weld, they are broadly classified into three categories.

Common most is the Manual Metal Arc mechanism. The tool looks like a stick, which performs the function of a main electrode, and it is covered by a flux that prevents it from oxidization. With the help of electricity, the electrode melts itself continuously for types of welding machines. This equipment is mostly used for small tasks. This kind of machine is usually used in construction industry, maintenance and repair of small metals, cutting and making holes in steel products and rebuilding fixtures.

Second form is a Metal Inert Gas mechanism which is a large bobbin like formation. It is a single piece of equipment that includes a mix of argon or helium gas or both used along with the heated electrode to camouflage the metal from rusting. This makes the task easy and quicker. Metal Inert Gas equipments are mainly used in shipbuilding, power plants, aerospace equipments, automobile industry, bridge constructions and refineries.

The third kind is Tungsten Inert Gas, which has a single electrode, and the protective material is provided by another resource. The electrode does not thaw out as it has an additional tool to give it protection. This type of mechanisms is used in large factories where it is impossible to use other type of welding machines. Principally, Tungsten Inert Gas machines are used in power plants, construction industry, aerospace industry and manufacturing industry for more robust and specialized welding.

Apart from these, other type of welding machines that are available in the market are:

  • Carbon Arc, which is used for welding alloy steel and water jet cutting.
  • Orbital or Tube Arc is used in casting, shipbuilding, automotive industry etc.
  • Plasma Arc is used for welding of surgical instruments, food industry, dairy industry etc.
  • Stud Arc is mostly utilised in fabrication and machining.
  • Submerged Arc is chiefly used in industrial welding and pipe welding.

Any industry usually uses a combination of any of the above machines as per requirement. Welding machines are easy to use but is a complex piece of machinery and hence should be operated under expert guidance.