Healthy Foods That Reduce Heat In The Body While Travelling In Summer
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Healthy foods that reduce heat in the body while travelling in summer

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What to eat while travelling in summer?-is a difficult question. Here are some fat free foods which reduce heat in your body when you choose long or short distance travelling. The advantages of these foods are that it keeps you healthy while travelling and provides a comfortable carrying. These foods benefit the travellers at summers in many ways.


The fruit contains 80% of water, also rich in fiber, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. It acts against the extreme heat by protecting the individuals from quick ageing. Gooseberry nourishes skin, hair, brain as well as heart.


Apricot provides the body with calcium, iron, vitamin c, along with needed proteins. It increases digestive power and eye health. The fruit is fleshy, but less in cholesterol.


When the heat rays from sun bring your acidity level up at alarming rates, a class of buttermilk will help you bring it down to normal level. It is an excellent medicine for controlling digestive problems and dehydration.


Obviously the king of all fruits, mango is a remedy for exhaustion in summers. It protects cancer, maintains cholesterol, acts against skin diseases and prevents the eyes from getting dried in the extreme heat of the sun.


Oyster in the main improves the sexual power as well as immunity strength of individuals. The photochemical in it controls the sweat producing toxins in the body. Oyster is rich in Zinc, so it can keep the travellers energetic.


Peaches are fleshy fruits with less acidity so good to eat at summer time. The fruit is rich in vitamins and calcium. Peaches are a good medicine for sun burns for it protects the complexion of the skin. Cholesterol can also be controlled by eating peaches daily.


Soybeans are great natural coolants. The fruit is rich in vitamins as well as folic acid. It protects our eyes, skin and heart being infected in the summer. Soybeans are normally added with food in different forms besides taking it raw.


Perhaps watermelon is the fruit that contains large quantity of water in it as its name suggests. 95% of watermelon is filled with water. Watermelon has an abundant source of potassium, vitamins, calcium and magnesium. Carrying slices of watermelon in the travel bags benefit the travellers at the time of extreme heat.


Corns can control diabetes and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Normally corns are best to eat when it is cooked as hot along with spicy flavors, hence it keep the body cool and healthy.


The fruit is good to eat when it is frozen. It is a great source of vitamins and cooling agents. Berries are mostly available in three colors.

These foods are ideal for the one who likes to travel in India at summer seasons, especially in the months of May and June. The real advantage of these fruits are that they would not take too much of space in your bags.

The article is written by a professional working at Moksh Holiday, who likes to help the travellers in selecting the best Golden Triangle Tours.