Five Magical Tips Teach You How To Choose Healthy Snacks
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Five magical tips teach you how to choose healthy snacks

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For some people, it is their daily routine to have three meals a day. If your are planning to lose weight, you are likely to reach this goal to eat a meal every few hours. This is where the magic of healthy food is. The habit of chewing something between two meals is of great benefit for your health. However, it does not mean that you can eat whatever you like. What is the yardstick? Five tips in the following will help you think twice before you stretch into the snacks next time.
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1. Choose the snacks containing plenty of moisture.
Generally, water-rich foods tend to be low in calorie and intensity. So you can feel satisfied with a few slices of sweet pepper, cucumber, or carrot while you won't take in too much calories. Fortunately, these water-rich foods can provide your body with enough water, which is beneficial to your skin, your sinuses, and your general circulation.
2. Indispensable dietary fiber.
Foods that are rich in dietary fiber can make you energetic and suppress the sense of hunger until your next meal. Do you need some advices? It is best for you to choose fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole wheat crackers, or some cereals. Try some high-fiber snacks with no more than 150 calories instead. If you have to work after eating up those foods, you should remember to eat some high-protein foods as well.  
3. Have a normal meal instead of snacks.
You are likely to eat a little chocolate, cookies, or other high-sugar foods in the late afternoon. Whereas, if you eat up a bag of M&M beans rather than nutritious things at this moment, you will take in nothing but plenty of calories. Moreover, your blood glucose level will reach its peak, and then drop rapidly. This will only make you tired and enhance your appetite for sugar. A healthy snack should be the supplementation of deficient dietary fiber, protein, and iron.
4. High-quality protein.
Generally, a woman needs to replenish about 60~80g protein a day. The truth is, you do not get enough protein from your daily diet. Therefore, you can eat something to supplement nutrition or much-needed energy couple with a cup of weight loss tea during the working interval.
5. Remember that they are just snacks.
In addition to small meal, healthy snacks should contain 150 to 200 calories. If you are on the trip, you had better prepare some snacks containing only 150 calories in your bag.