DRM Protects The Security Of Media Files
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DRM Protects the Security of Media Files

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If you want the online audio to be used by the authorized users, how can you do? If you don’t wish the CD-RPM or online audio not to be copied and edited arbitrarily, how to do? If you hope the large amount of ebooks sell online are in the copyright protection, how to do? Currently, it is very common that many movies, record companies or retail businesses beginning to sell the movies, music and ebooks and other media files through the Internet. However, as more and more infringement and piracy is popular online, these companies have to use DRM (Digital Rights management) to protect their interest. In fact, DRM can not only provide much richer content for companies and manufactures, also makes it more convenient for consumers to choose their favorite options.

The basics knowledge of a DRM copyright protection
Digital Rights Management is short as DRM, is widely used in protecting content products against unauthorized copying. Encryption and additional usage rules on digital content, DRM technology can determine whether the user is eligible. DRM technology works as follows:
1. DRM has its own digital program license, the encoded compressed digital content, using the key (Key) can be encrypted to protect (the lock), head of the encrypted digital programs stored in the URL of the KeyID and programs authorized center.
2. The program which need to be protected is encrypted, even if the users to download save, and did not verify the authorization of the digital program license center can not play closely to protect the copyright of the program.
3. When the user wants to play the media, according to the program head KeyID and URL information can be sent through the center of digital program license verification authorized key decryption (unlock), the program in order to play.
At present, the encryption technology plays an important role in the development of e-commerce systems to avoid anti-piracy. For example, when you transfer music or video content on the Internet, the content can easily be copied and In order to avoid these risks, the content are generally required in the transfer process on the Internet is encrypted protection, and receive encrypted digital programming must have a key (key) to open a digital program and play to watch the send key is tight with the encrypted program transmission. In this way, DRM is very important in fighting against piracy in the e-commerce market.
Of course, DRM also has its own shortcomings, it limits the use of the digital contents such as movies, music, ebooks, games, etc you downloaded or purchased in the lawful way. If you want to share these sources on another platform, you can’t do that because of DRM. In this case, you can’t wait to removing DRM protection from them. Indeed, there are many DRM removal software online and many of them can meet your need. If you are a Mac users, here is a kind of free DRM removal for Mac recommended for you. But you should remember, in order to make a good environment for the digital market, in most cases, follow DRM and be far away from piracy and infringement.