Differentiation Between CuCrZr & Beryllium Copper
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Differentiation between CuCrZr & Beryllium copper

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This information is usefull to those who work in Automotive Bodyshop. Kindly go through the table below for differentiation between CuCrZr & Beryllium copper . You can add your comments or questions.

Comparison & Differentiation for CuCrZr & Nickel Silicon copper Alloy(SA100)
SrNo: Description CuCrZr (C18150)
R100(Nickel Silicon Copper)/Beryllium copper
1 Conductivity(IACS) 80 - 85 % 40 - 47 %
2 Hardness (Rb) 83B 90B
3 Heat Generation Less due to high conductivity Very high due to less conductivity
4 Crack Formation No Chances More chances due to high heat generation & material becomes brittle due to more hardness.
5 Recommendation by RWMA Recommended for high level production spot and seam welding
of clean mild steel
, low alloy steels, low conductivity brasses and bronze.
Recommended for spot welding and seam welding steels having high electrical resistance, such as stainless Steels,Nichrome & Monel
6 Tensile Strength (PSI) 75000 90000
7 Power Consumption Comparatively less Comparitively High
8 Parameter Revision Not Required To be checked & revised as conductivity is very low.
Note : Tensile strength above 60000 PSI required in case of only force above 500 Kg/Cm2


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