Arvind Kejriwal'S Team Should Join Communist Parties
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Arvind Kejriwal's Team should join Communist Parties

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In recent years a new name appears in Indian Media that is Arvind Kejriwal a graduated from IIT Kharagpur, west Bengal. he qualified civil services also. He came in light when he started movement for lokpal Bill through his India against corruption. 

Anna Hazare ji a social worker of 76 year was leading this movement for janlokpal Bill through India Against Corruption (IAC) along with many social workers and RTI Activist like Arvind Kejriwal,Manish sisodiya, kumar Biswas, Prasant Bhushan, santosh Hedgre , swami Agniwesh, sanjay singh, Kiran Bedi,  etc etc. 

After Breaking from Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal team decided to launch a separate political party along with other team members like Prasant Bhushan, Manish sisodiya, kumar Biswas, sanjay singh, Rai, etc etc . 

Arvind Kejriwal is follwing the Formulla of Communist Party (CPIM) for attacking on congress Goverment, Delhi Goverment, Business Men, HSBC Bank, on Industrialist  and also on Robert Vadra and Nitin Gadkari.

Arvind Kejriwal's issue based , problem based politics is making him on lime light in Media throught News Channels. 

As Arvind's mode of  working is just like Communist Leaders he should join CPIM party for his bright future becoz making a Political Party is very easy but running a party is very difficult. 

Total National parties are 6 and Reginal parties are 54 in India. Now again a new party by Arvind Kejriwal.

As after going through detail profile of Arvind Kejriwal, most of the time he has spend in west Bengal especially, when he graduated from IIT Karagpur where he may lerned Communist Politics . May be he attached with student Union of SFI that is student wing of CPIM.  

My peronnel openion is Arvind Kejriwal should join CPIM for his next political carrier becoz organising a party from Town to Bidhan sabha and City to Loksabha is long process.

Sitting at Jantar Mantar or Ram Lila maidan or TV Channel's studio  or organising a press conferrence at press club or constitution club is quick and short process.

Blaiming a Congress party or BJP or HSBC Bank or any Industrialist is short and quick process.   

But making a complete political system and organising a political party from Kashmir to kanya kumari is long process.

Gaining a trust of Indian Public and convertion into vote is long process in Indian Democracy.

So I  Netaji Santosh Pratap Singh personnely advice Kejriwal Team to join CPIM party becoz your ideology is same as Our Communist Leaders but one thing you have to improve that is your discipline and language becoz all communist parties are  very much systemetically controlled parties, that is why they are well maintained but disciplined .



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