Bala Sahab Bal Thackeray My Political Guru
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Bala Sahab Bal Thackeray My Political Guru

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It is very sadful to say that I had lost my Political Guru Shree Bala Sahab Thackeray ji. A lion of Indian Politics and a Brave Maratha soldier of India. As Chief of shiv sena CALLED  " HINDU HRIDAY SAMRRAT" OR " EMPEROR OF HINDU HEARTS".

I am very much proud to say that I am student of Bala Sahab and he was my political Guru as same as Eklavaya and Guru Dronacharya in Mahabharata Time.

I was schooling in Calcutta in 1980-1990 and Bala Sahab had been working for Shiv Sena in Bombay and entire Maharashtra.Every paper and News Channel like DD News was telecasting regular news  on Bala Sahab Bal Thackeray ji's achivements, activities, events, speeches, that all makes me big Fan of Bala sahab.

I personnely follow all News  of Bala Sahab and decided to work in same pattern in my life after entering into politics. Bala Sahab was an Ideal personality for me, I read about a great Maratha Shiva ji in my history book may be I was seeing Bala sahab in same role in Maharashtra Politics, at that time I was school student in calcutta with simple and innocent mind.

It was a great pleasure for me when my school trip had gone for Bombay, may be my dream of meeting Bala Sahab would be fullfilled soon. I got an opportunity to met him in Bombay with my Teacher just for 5 minutes. It would be really a great moment when you got an opportunity to meet with your Ideal Peronality.  

After passing my secondary exam I had taken an admission in college where student politics was in full swim where my carrier starts , I joined with SFI a student wing of communist party.

I really follow the same pattern and style  of speeches  what I had seen in television given by my Guru ji shree Bala Sahab Bal Thackeray ji. It is also true that I was only 19 years of age so that perfection was missing but I had tried my level best to follow Guru ji.

Any way I passed my college Exam and started working for private companies but attached with political parties may be my passion for politics  makes me free for social and political activites in local areas, footbal clubs, social clubs, NGO.

I was getting popular day by day for my Hindi speeches in calcutta , West Bengal's Bangali Culture and Language.

After working few years my company transfered me to Mumbai head office, that time Calcutta became Kolkata and Bombay became Mumbai, I was also 25 years that time, It was again a great moment for me, I spent 1 year in Maha Laxmi area and got opportunity to meet by Guru ji many times.

I regularly follow Guru ji's political cartoons in magzines, paper, statement in Saamana and his way of  speeches in Shiva Ji park. I really like the way he raised issue on every topic in Saamana and in his political campaigns.

You might be surprised I always tried to write in same pattern throught by Blogs even I raised issues related to Indian Politics and Politicians.

I know I can not be like him but I will trying to be like him, may be after few years. I have Joined Kshatriya Sena an organisation working against misuse of Caste based Reservation in India for Votes only, and running also a Kshatrawadi Movement for Hindutwa.

My Guru Ji Bala Sahab Bal Thackarey is always alive for me.

Thanks & Regards

Netaji Santosh Prataap Singh

Kshatriya Sena 

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