Congress As "C " Company
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Congress as "C " Company

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Congress as "C" company is known by every one, It is  one of the oldest political party of India. As per the records and data published in TOI, Congress is also the Richest political party of India.

But what does "C" mean ? is the question for all Indians ? is it " C " stand for Corporate House or Commission or Ckilling Indians by making a common man poorer day by day.

These question are  very important for we all, but who will reply us Our Prime Minister shree Manmohan Singh Ji or our  President honourable shree Pranab Mukherjee.

You might get surprised to know few facts Congress party is Running India as a centeral Goverment  from more than 40 years. All leaders of Congress party either in state or central are owner of millions of rupees.

Do you know from where this money comes ? A Salary being paid to Member of Parliaments, Housing is Free, Transport free, Ration free,Hospital free,Travelling Free  and many  facilities being given to them becoz they are the representative of people.

so how can our leaders became Richer and Richer every day but an common Indian became poorer day by day  even our Middle class is converted in to poor class.

The Answer is very simple the Congress is not a political party but a " C" company. A corporate House selling Indian land, river, forest, sky, mountain and Human life.

A Hand of common man is now the hands of Corporate House called " C" Company.

A list of Achievement by  "C" company as follows :

1. 2G Scam

2. S Band Scam ( Antrix devas deal)

3. CWG Scam

4. Adarsh Housing Scam

5.Rotten food Grains.

6.Rice Export Scam

7. IPL Auction (kochi franchise)

8. Satyam Scam

9. PDS Scam

10. MNREGA, LIC Housing Finance Scam, KG Basin Scam etc.

The Balance Sheet of this achievement are being made during loksabha Election 2014.

Regards - Netaji TV


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