Corruption Is The Cancer For Police System
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Corruption is the Cancer for Police System

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We all are talking about Justice for Damini and failure of our Police System but you ever know why our Police System is Failure. The most important question arises from our old Police laws and procedure for procedings, every part is being analyse and found The Corruption is the factor for all cause.  

Corruption is like Cancer for Police System, it has made Failure to our entire  Police System starting from Recruitment to Training, Training to Posting, Posting to Transfer, Transfer to Promotion and at last Promotion to Top level Postings.

If you reaserch on all these stages you can understand the mental condition and use of money on all stages even the flow of money. Every where Corruption Corruption and Corruption that is why i said it is the Cancer for Police System.

Anna Hazare ji is struggling to make India a Corruption free Nation by implementing    Jan Lok Pal Bill  but our Political Parties, Leaders, MLA, M.P. MLCs etc etc. all are some where not supporting this Bill at the Parliament and in state assemblies for appointment of Lokpal.     

May be the money flow in or out is moving around all these above parties is the only factor  stoping Jan Lok Pal Bill.

Corruption has made our mind self-centered , selfish, proudy, power full , clever.even we had lost Humanity, love , help , support, save like words in our day to day life specially in Police officials and Political Peoples.

Reforms in Police System is need of India it is the Demand of Time and Demand of Public to make more transparency in our police System.



Regards :- Netaji TV



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