Cocktail Generation Of New India
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Cocktail Generation of New India

We all are celebrating our 67th Independence day on 15th August 2013 with song and dance in open free Air of Independency. The freedom is being injoying by few people by hosting Indian flags, many by party with family and friends, few by musical programs and manys are with cocktail parties.

The demand of liquor gets increse on this particular date in India becoz more and more young boys,girls, men,women and people are addicted by Liquor or alcoholic beverages. This day is also called dry day but the people who mostly addicted by alcohol stores their stock one or two days before this day.

The Day of Indian Freedom, the day of Sacrifices of Brave Indian freedom fighters, the day of sacrifices of Brave soldiers are being  injoying by taking liquor or alcohol in all over India.

Is this day is treated as day of freedom or a normal holiday or dry day or liquor day ?

I realy feel shame on those Indians who enjoys this day on cocktail parties, even it is the insult of the sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

Our young Indians, teenagers,youth power of India is addicted of alcohol or liquor or brown sugar, heroin, etc etc. If the Youth is addicted than entire nation is addicted.

You might be knowing the recent police case of Gurgaon 100 school children were caught drinking and smoking in a pub on MG road gurgaon.They all were student of prominent school of Delhi.

I red in a book, the statement of Britishers, they said after 50 years of Indian Independence the new coming Indian generation would be the Indian Britishers that means they will be born in India but their culture, their style, their thoughts,their cloths,their hair style every thing will be like Britshers.

Now i realised they were true on their statement just becoz our new generation is the cocktail generation of India.

Happy Independence Day.

Regards :- Santosh Pratap Singh, Netaji Tv , Netaji TV- Khabar, NTv Music,