Dreaming An Entry Into Indian Fashion Industry?
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Dreaming an Entry into Indian Fashion Industry?

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Indian Fashion has always been in news. And, why wouldn’t it be? India has got some really talented fashion designers and models who’ve made it to the world’s biggest fashion events. Once considered as taboo, parents now encourage their kids to pursue careers in the fashion industry. People have become fashion-conscious. Name any brand and you will find it here, right?

If you are a budding model or designer and want to make it big in the industry, you got to remember that just like any other industry, fashion industry also demands lots of preparation and perspiration. Some, however, lose the track and start looking for short-cut ways to reach the pinnacle. Just remember that there are no shortcuts, be it fashion industry or any other industry.

Today, one can see a number of institutes out there, offering fashion designing courses; they even help you get an entry into the world of fashion (but, then, you’ve to have guts to prove your worth). So, if you dream to become one of the top most Indian fashion designers, getting yourself registered in one of these institutes is a great ideal. Just make sure you don’t do this, because of peer-pressure. Then, there are a few online fashion magazines around; browse them regularly to keep yourself updated with the current happenings in the industry. Budding models can even get themselves registered with these fashion sites and get wonderful modeling assignments.

However, one should never think of taking short-cuts here, because short-cuts take you nowhere. Of course, you are there to grab assignments from top brands, but remember that not every brand is looking for you, that not everybody would be nice to you. Just don’t’ let you think about giving up. This is the time when you have to hold yourself from shattering, to believe yourself that you would ultimately make it big in the industry.

Don’t behave as if you are in a dire need of work. It’s good to have contacts, but don’t just give your contact details to anyone and everyone. Most of the time, it takes a little common sense to decide whether you should divulge your contact details to the person standing before you or not. Also ensure that you don’t agree to meet people when you know is not the right time (especially the strangers).

Of course, great dreams take time to get realized. So, never let your belief dwindle. Just go step-by-step and give your very best to every assignment that you get.

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