Shaolin Kung Fu In India Now
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Shaolin Kung Fu in India now

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As a child Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu interested me since I had a neighbor who was a Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu teacher whom  I secretly admired for his agility, strength and alertness. When I think about it I am surprised by the simplicity with which he lived and the warmth and affection that he showed to me, a shy lonesome girl. I wished to be like him when I grew up.

With time Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu was no longer the focus of my life but I always admired the practitioners of this art and was always looking out for martial art classes in my neighborhood. Recently I got a news paper insert of some new martial arts classes that had opened just a lane or two away. My interest grew because there was a good chance I could learn Chinese  Shaolin Kung Fu there.

I went there to find more and was really pleased to find what I wanted. For the uninitiated I would like to provide a little information. Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu has been developed in the Shaolin Temple of China by the monks there. The basics of these variants of Shaolin Kung Fu existed even before the Shaolin Temple existed which is before 500 BC. The monks developed the variants and the Shaolin Temple became famous for propagation of Shaolin Kung Fu in the world.The practice of Shaolin Kung Fu by the particular order of the Buddhist Monks of the Shaolin Temple was a part of their religious practice and training. Shaolin Kung Fu is much more than a martial art as understood in the conventional meaning of the term ‘martial art’, but a discipline, a way of life for the followers; the Shaolin temple monks and all their disciples who have learnt from them.