Top 5 Reasons To Travel To Izmir
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Top 5 reasons to travel to Izmir

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If you haven’t heard of Izmir yet, then you’re definitely missing out. The third-largest city in Turkey, Izmir is a gorgeous waterside city with a rich history surrounded by a modern touch. From its 300 sunny days a year to its historical significance, all the way to its reputation as a city of health, Izmir really has something for everyone. Here are just a five reasons as to why you should visit this beautiful city.


If you want to take a health holiday, then you really need look no further. Izmir is filled to the brim with organic food, 31 bicycle rental stations and so much more. Those in search of ahigh quality hair transplant can find themselves at Longevita’s Izmir branch, before visiting Izmir’s collection of thermal springs that Turkey is famous for. With thousands of years’ worth of experience in the springs and all the therapy that comes with them, it’s no wonder really that it is known as a city of health. The thermal springs alone can be used to treat a number of diseases, including but not limited to, allergies, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, kidney and urinary tract infections, skin diseases and more.


Izmir is full to the brim with culture, with museums, events and festivals all taking place year-round. Izmir’s archaeology museum plays host toa large collection of Greek and Roman artefacts, and the Ethnography museum is only next door. There’s the Museum of Painting and Sculpture, the Mask Museum, Game and Toy museum, Railroad Museum, Inciralti Naval Museum and the Izmir Museum of History and Arts meaning there really is something for everyone. Alongside these permanent fixtures, there are regular festivals such as the International Izmir Festival, European Jazz Festival, International Short Film Festival, International Puppetry Festival and more so you can be assured that no matter when you visit, there will be something going on.

Sights and Experiences

Just like its culture, Izmir has its fair share of sights to behold and experiences to undergo. Try a boyoz, a pastry that can only be purchased in Izmir, or buy a fresh fig during the summer months. You can visit the Kemeralti Mosque built in 1671, or take a ride on the Asansor, a historical elevator and popular tourist spot before eating at the amazing restaurant that can be found at the top. See the Izmir Clock Tower - also known as the symbol of Izmir - and its fountains, built in 1901 and behold the clock itself, a gift to Izmir by the German emperor Wilhelm II.


Izmir has a rich history that can not only be traced back on page, but can be seen on a walk through the streets of the city. An 8,500 year old city, Izmir has been home to all kinds of civilisations since its discovery including the Amazons, Lydians, Persians, the Great Alexander, the Romans, the Arabs, the Byzantine Empire, the Seljuks and the Ottomans.And how about visiting the agora? Izmir has the best preserved and largest of all Ionian agoras that once played host to all kinds of commercial, political and religious meetings and activities.


What better reason to visit Izmir than its 300-day summers and constant warm weather. With hot and dry summers, and warm and wet winters, there isn’t really a high-season to avoid when it comes to tourism so you can enjoy the warm weather whenever is best suited to you.