Sign In Ur Success With Graphology - Part I
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Sign In Ur Success With Graphology - Part I

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Educator and Trainer
Our handwriting is the reflection of your attributes - personal, academic & amp; others. GRAPHOLOGY is a scientific study and analysis of handwriting, specially of his/her personality. It may open windows to numerous unexplored areas & is an exciting & beneficial key to unlocking a potential within you.

A slant denotes the Writer's emotional direction & degree of emotional control. Generally a right-slanted writer leans towards the future, friendship, compliance and extroversion, while a left-slanted one leans back to the past and away from people, towards introversion & self, having more time and energy for creative pursuits.

The size of script projects our self-esteem and self-importance. It depicts the smallness or largeness of our thoughts and life experience.

SMALL SCRIPTS depicts that the person is meticulous and observant. Along with being modest, reserved and restrained, the person is mentally alert, resourceful, thrify and lacks self-confidence sometimes.

LARGE SCRIPTS depicts that the person is : Bold and aggressive. He/she is ambitious for name, fame and recognition. The subject in question always enthusiastic, boastful & extrovert, though may lack concentration & discipline. HE/she feels strongly motivated, directing others, is confident and optimistic.

MODERATE SCRIPTS shows that the writer is conservative, conventional & traditional. He/ she is practical and realistic. The thinking and attitude is moderate. Such people are honest, adaptable and sincere.

People writing TALL LETTERS are very ambitious, far-sighted and are great observers.. But they shall be warned that they lack modesty, consideration, tact & objectivity.

People, who prefer writing BROAD LETTERS are: very boastful, egoistic & proud. Though they are very frank & sociable, imaginative and artistic, but indiscretion, indiscipline and tactlessness are their forte. They remain largely self-assured, gregariously affable, spontaneous in response and broad-minded.

People using NARROW LETTERS, are very conservative, distrustful and suspicious. Their approach is always economic. They are self-controlled and moderate, shy and passive, largely inhibited, explicitly introvert, selective and critical.

Some people use VARIABLE . Such people are driven by mood-swings, they are quick-tempered, conceited, indecisive and inconsistent. Their approach to life is generally - naive and immature. Their unpredictable behavioural patterns often put them in jeopardy; as they are emotionally off-balance and immature.

If writing style, word and sentence formation, gap between letters is changed, it may bring unbelievable improvement in people's career and even assist an individual in shaking off one's inhibitions and apprehensions.

Personality can be transformed substantially by getting handwriting analysis and signature design, which means changing handwriting and changing personality which is recognized as graphotherapy.

It is not a future predictive science at all. The writing patterns scribbled on the paper are the result of instructions laid by the brain to the hand to write. Two main parts of our body function in sync with each-other then - Brain and hand. When an individual is involved in the thinking process, there is a chemical process taking place in the brain, a chemical pathway is formed called a neuropathway.

Now every time one writes, a neuropathway is created. Hence if one tries to alter its handwriting, it is actually altering its neuropathway, which works as a therapy towards altering one's handwriting based on demand and requirement.

The handwriting is worked upon stokes. A particular stroke, distance between letters, the size of script, the width of it - some of it is altered. A striking balance between personality projection required and writing pattern is achieved. Ultimately a desirable result is achieved.

The task though is not that easy as, prior to this a personality analysis is done. The various traits are recognized, hypothetically scrutinized and then targets are set. The whole process runs scientifically and needs proven proficiency in knowing Graphology. Ditto with Signatures - as the signatures are a blend of our projected image and real image, it carries with it, the aspirations and ambition of the subject or the individual. Few of the designs may not work aptly so again a change in design and formation of letter can be worked upon. This of course works wonderfully in taking one to realize its career potential and meet the set targets in life.

Dear friends! u cna send me ur scanned scripts and even signatures. I would try to make as many readings as possible and shall advice u on personality transformation through GRAPHOLOGY.

Happy learning!
Prof Jo