Voting Right For NRIs
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Voting right for NRIs

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Dear all,


Indians are spread in every nook and corner of the world on job or business purposes.The current scene is Indians who have migrated to other countries need voting rights even if they are citizens of those countries.Now those who work in Gulf countries are not even paying tax to the Government but is believed to add up to the welfare of our nation.Why do they need voting rights when they are using their potential in another country and while coming back they need an identity in our nation?For that let them have an identity card or get recognition by doing social service or start their own venture for the welfare of the nation.Why do they need voting rights sitting in US or UK enjoying the whole life with comforts more than in India.Is it to establish later that they have a right to raise hue and cry in the Parliament or state ministry influencing the politicians that we are NRIs who cast vote for your party and we need so and so help from you ,by even bribing them.Our members of Parliament or state assemblies are quite corrupt and greedy for money that they conspire for anything illegal or anti social which again is going to create a havoc in the nation.Let us take the example of Headley.He was staying in India with top guys in the filmdom,conspiring against the nation with Rana,for which he was paid handsomely and our intelligence department had no clue on the traffic of illegal immigrants.There is still no proper tracking system on who is enters the country exit (of criminals with fake passport).Gulf countries have a lot of elements who are in the criminal records who are into illegal traffic of women,drugs,arms and ammunitions,gold and more.Even they hold fake passports and visas which Indian immigration department is not even aware of.Once in a while a blast or a fraudulent activity is tracked.Is there any proper system to identify who is who and the purpose of their visit?There is a nexus betwveen these antisocial elements,travel agents,job agencies with the bureaucrats and politicians where they gain their share.Why should we allow such anti-social elements to gain voting rights.Many of them do not hold a permanent address or any identification details.Voter ID card is a valid document for a person which clearly shows that he is a person recognised to have constitutional rights under the purview of the Government of India.For a new mobile connectio & for any service where one's identity has to be revealed voters card is a valid document.Are we giving more chance to anti social elements or encourge illegal or terrorist activities by giving voting rights to unidentified indian origins in other countries.Are we opening a safe haven for fake visas,passports,illegal arms trade and more traffic of criminals within our country.Authorities have to think on this before making any hasty decisions.