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      The more I come to learn of the medical profession, the intricacies of the body, its behavior, the way it is c ...more>>
        In the quiet of the night, after a day which brings you close but not close enough. That holds and embraces ...more>>
      At the studios these days, the largest space is taken up by the vanity vans for artists, talent, directors, writers ...more>>
  Zohra Sehgal, who played my Mother in ‘Cheeni Kum’ turned 100 years today ! A hundred years ! That is no joke. And the ...more>>
        When one has much to say, the comments reduce in comparison to when you say nothing .. basics of temperamen ...more>>
      In times of trial. In times of extremes. Silence  …     Amitabh Bachchan ...more>>
        I see, therefore I realize. I feel, therefore I emote. I know, which is why I consider. I smile, because I s ...more>>
      When the mind and body is well, all works well .. when the mind and body is indisposed, nothing works ! The joy of ...more>>
      The gang .. before the gates opened .. And there again in the forefront after they opened .. spotted you a ...more>>
    It has been noticed often that when you allow worry to worry you, you end up worrying the most. And more often than not, th ...more>>
      Lost in memory and in a place where the ‘shradh’ is done for the Mother .. the rites for the peace of ...more>>
      Dearest Ef … there is something that needs to be put on record ! Each time there has been query, or suggesti ...more>>
    I have spent a great amount of time reading and assuaging the contents of the Blog and the other social mediums, not just f ...more>>
    The 4th birthday today the 17th of April … and it seems like just the other day we reached out to each other, in lov ...more>>
          I spent a day on the sets at Film City shooting for an ad., that had remained unfinished due to my ...more>>
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