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The job market in India has indeed undergone a wind of change with newer opportunities popping out in course of time. This in turn has helpe ...more>>
The youths of today have the welcome option to select from a wide variety of career options that available for them. The media itself is a h ...more>>
A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers states that the media and entertainment sector forms a 35,000-crore industry in India and it is estimated ...more>>
The service towards the improvement of the industry through improvement of performance and by analysis of the issues and methods for tacklin ...more>>
Globalization has created a great impact on the entire world today. Different companies are merging on an international level today, and per ...more>>
Human Resource denotes one of the principal resources in the economy and is meant to be very important for the business sector to grow. All ...more>>
A moderate situation prevailed in the Indian job market as the upheaval that marked US economy during recent times started subsiding to a gr ...more>>
India has emerged as the country for the best job It offshore destination, with numerous companies from US, UK and Europe, selecting Indian ...more>>
Performance of a business organization depends largely on its workforce. Its performance level goes up when its workforce is strong and it f ...more>>
With the growing force of population in India, larger numbers of people are getting education. At the same time, with the impact of globaliz ...more>>
An executive of an organization or a company holds a very responsible position. He is supposed to possess certain qualities or traits that w ...more>>
It is very essential to get started with the right career and therefore find out the best jobs in different sectors. This is the reason for ...more>>
Media consultants are also mentioned as marketing consultants, advertising account executives or public relation consultants. Normally, a me ...more>>
Recruitment in India is ongoing, with a number of companies recruiting and keeping the job scene healthy. The leading ones among them are Ca ...more>>
Complexity of life and career often demands the contribution of consultancy firms to solve several problems in life. They can be both profes ...more>>
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