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Marketing is regarded as the most important element in the growth of every company. Whether the business is small and has limited fina ...more>>
India is one of the world's fastest growing telecom markets. The Indian telecommunications network is the third largest in the world ...more>>
Liberalisation has opened new horizons of international trade. All types of business houses are seeking to expand their operations acr ...more>>
Working in a foreign country is a unique and wonderful experience. The ones, who wish to get exposed to a different culture all together, ...more>>
Countries’ economies are becoming more and more dependent upon each other. As the technology continues to connect the world, many o ...more>>
Recruitment agencies in India are becoming very huge with the increase in the demand as well as easy availability of professional and ...more>>
There is no dearth of well-paying jobs in this rapidly developing part of Asia. India is a huge country with millions of small and big ...more>>
India is not only a wonderful tourism centre but also the home of some of the most innovative and talented professionals, who are aspi ...more>>
Telecommunication is one of the huge and growing industries especially in India. The industry reaches at such a height with so many ga ...more>>
The Indian media and entertainment (M&E) industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Its various segments, film, t ...more>>
There are thousands of employment opportunities that are waiting for the right candidates. The challenge is to find out the one which best s ...more>>
  Management consultants are the corporate consultants which help the organization in meeting their required manpower needs. Businesse ...more>>
Placement services are the need of an hour due to cut throat business competition and diversification in the business houses. All the organ ...more>>
  Due to the increasing level of competition, one should be aware of the importance of finding the right job. Searching for a job is t ...more>>
There are innumerable job opportunities in India and all options are not the same. Job search in India is quite a vital issue because there ...more>>
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