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After mounting surveillance for the past three months over some persons involved in a case of bribery, the CBI on 3rd May 2013 arrested one ...more>>
  Denial out of fear and betrayal by a kiss Denial by Peter Jesus had prophesied before He was denied by Peter thrice the cock wou ...more>>
By Avay Shukla, Retired IAS http://hillpost.in/2014/01/kejriwals-delhi-dharna-this-is-not-anarchy-mr-home-mi nister-this-is-revolution/9774 ...more>>
Arvind Kejriwal and his nascent party have created a lot of euphoria in the minds of the people of Delhi who look for governance or clean ad ...more>>
Arvind Kejriwal’s success in politics resulting in to his party’s spectacular win in the recently held Delhi assembly elections ...more>>
  Narendra Modi is a seasoned politician whereas Rahul Gandhi is a budding politician. According to the Free Dictionary, seasoned po ...more>>
The honorable Supreme Court of India in a judgment on the appointment of Central Vigilance Commissioner held “Institution is more impo ...more>>
India won freedom from the shackles of British rule when selfless politicians with a spirit of humility and love for nation opposed the auto ...more>>
The UP Chief Minister has not followed the minimum requirement of calling for the explanation of Durga Shakti Nagpal through a show-cause no ...more>>
The opposition parties raised a hue and cry over the remarks of Mr. Narendra Modi, who, justifying the riots of 2002, referred this unfor ...more>>
Religion, tragedy and apathy The death toll coupled with the destruction of property caused by the Nature’s fury in Uttarakhand is un ...more>>
RSS, the back stage player and the heart in Sangh Parivar RSS always guides the politicians in Sangh Parivar in a surreptitious manner. In ...more>>
The judgment of Central Information Commission bringing all political parties under the ambit of Right to Information Act is laudable.  ...more>>
The corrupting cricket tree The monster of corruption has not spared even the games being enjoyed by the people of this nation. Gone are th ...more>>
The Hindu in its edition dated 24th April published an interesting article written by Harish Khare,who is a veteran commentator and pol ...more>>
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