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Dear Blog viewers, Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.  Quotations on Integrity by Albert Ei ...more>>
  Dear blogviewers, It takes 5 minutes to break the relationship but it takes many years to build up the relationship. It is really a ...more>>
  Dear blog viewers, Every B-School student’s dream is to earn huge package, maintain bank balance and gratify the dream of par ...more>>
  It was 24th May evening in office. I felt suddenly week and uncomfortable. Naturally ,we all colleagues were busy in work that day e ...more>>
Dear blog viewers,  Life is full of relationship. Every body is in chain of relationship. Relationship is a matter of truth, trust and ...more>>
Dear Blogviewers, Life gives us two chances with each difficulty: Run away or face it. It is really a great platform given by life to learn ...more>>
Dear Blog viewers, “Happy are those who dream dreams and are paying the price to make them come true”. This is really very true ...more>>
Dear Friends,  Life starts with expressions and ends with expressions. When a small baby gets birth it starts its expressions crying a ...more>>
Dear Friends, Speaking English is not as difficult  as we think.Everything depends on our attitude towards verbal communication.No bod ...more>>
                              NO one is perfect on thi ...more>>