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Portable Savings Account                              &nbs ...more>>
Redefining the role of banking sector Posted by VIJAYA KRUSHNA VARMA Abstract :---This paper called “TOP Tax system” redefines ...more>>
 Why wearing helmet is compulsory   Part–1  Riding motor vehicle without wearing helmet is the commonest tra ...more>>
How to improve services to Pilgrims at Tirumala -----------------------------------------     &nbs p; & ...more>>
The essence of the Holy Bhagavad Gita -------------------------------------------------------------   ; The following note ...more>>
Pushkaram festivals Pushkaram festival is a massive mass immunization program launched by our great ancient Rushis thousands of years ago ...more>>
Pro farmer, pro industry land acquisition act Varma suggests a new land acquisition act which is pro farmer, pro industry and pro dev ...more>>
Swachh Bharat - How far it is?             &nb sp;    &nb ...more>>
Build toll free high ways posted by VIJAYA KRUSHNA VARMA Why it is necessary to build toll free highways According to my knowledge there ...more>>
General elections voting - on single day and in single phase * This expanded banking system will help the Election Commission conduc ...more>>
Digital India - A model developed by Varma Banking structure is redesigned to make India a fully digital nation and to usher in 100% E-gove ...more>>
               &n bsp;  VARMA’S ELECTORAL REFORMS ...more>>
HIGH EFFICIENCY STEAM TURBINE How to meet the growing energy demands of India Even though 65 years passed since we got independence the Go ...more>>
In my opinion the only solution to Telangana agitation is the immediate formation of  three States - ANDHRA, TELANGANA and GREATER RAYALA S ...more>>
Money supply in TOP Tax system TOP Tax system suggests that total money supply (real money and debt money/loan money) to be necessary for c ...more>>
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