Pushkaram Festivals In India
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Pushkaram festivals in India

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Pushkaram festivals Pushkaram festival is a massive mass immunization program launched by our great ancient Rushis thousands of years ago to get people immunized from epidemic diseases. Pushkaram is held annually for 12 days along the river banks of one river of 12 major sacred rivers in India and it is 12 years cycle to complete all 12 rivers. When people from different sects and groups come together from different parts of the country and take holy dip in the river, they get in contact with different strains of bacteria and viruses. In the process their immune system get accustomed to new strains of bacteria and viruses and get more powerful in combating new strains of viruses and bacteria in the later part of their entire lives. That’s why Indian civilization survived so many centuries without being completely wiped out due to epidemic diseases as happened to many civilizations elsewhere in the world. Pushkaram festival program was also envisaged by our ancient Rushis with an aim to unite all castes, sects, groups, cultures and tribes into one homogeneous and powerful Hindu religion. During Pushkaram period some anti Hindu groups will spread canards that by taking holy dip in dirty river waters people will get diseases. This is totally untrue. Some people may get fever or flu after taking holy dip in sacred river. This is actually a symptom of strengthening of our immune system after being attacked by new strains of bacteria or viruses. This same phenomena can be also noticed by some people after taking vaccines for polio, measles etc. Are we avoiding these vaccines simply because we get fever for one day after taking vaccines? So, do not avoid taking holy dip during Pushkaram period in the sacred river that is nearest to you. If you avoid Pushkaram bath you are literally avoiding mass immunization program. Note – This is only my opinion. Take your own decision.