Jim Corbett National Park Becomes Technology Friendly
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Jim Corbett National Park Becomes Technology Friendly

Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, one of India’s oldest national parks has now become more technology friendly with the installation of pilot project E eye (electronic eye) by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).

Being an ecotourism destination, the park contains more than 488 different species of plant and a diverse variety of fauna. It comprises of areas of hills, riverside belts, marshy depressions, grasslands and large lakes and is spread over the area of 520 sq. kms.

The national park has always been a haunt for tourists, wild life lovers and adventure enthusiast. The number of people visiting the place has increased surprisingly over the past few years, mostly in between November to June. The increase in the footfall is also leading to many problems like ecological imbalance, tiger pouching and hunting, etc. With the use of high definition, software based cameras which will be mounted on towers and placed all across the park; the massive threat from the poachers can be controlled.

This dense, moist deciduas National Park is India’s first sanctuary to come under Project Tiger initiative to protect the endangered species of Bengal Tigers .Despite of the intense efforts to save tigers, hunting continues to decrease their number .The project E eye will facilitate more effective surveillance of the park and protection to tigers.