Marvelous Experience Of Sunderban Tour
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Marvelous Experience of Sunderban Tour

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A large number of wild life and nature lovers from the different corners of the world plan for Sunderban tour to witness a wide range of birds, reptiles, mammals etc. Sunderban is not only a favorite place for the wild life lovers but it is also a great place for bird watchers. If you are a real bird watcher and just enjoy watching the activities of wide range of birds in their natural habitat then you must visit Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary in Sunderban.

Sundarbans National Park is known for having the world’s largest delta and also for mangrove forest. The ambience of this park is so much attractive, that people especially plan their trip to enjoy the holidays in its beautiful ambience apart from the life of wild animals and birds. When you will explore the park nicely and enjoy the fauna and flora of this region then you will get the real thrilling experience of the park. Here you can enjoy the company of Royal Bengal Tiger and watch out its activities in its natural habitat. Apart from national park, Sunderban is also famous as a tiger reserve, a Biosphere Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage site. Here in this national park, you can enjoy the great combination of water and jungle. You can easily spot out the tiger swimming in the river and it is one of the most exciting experiences for any of the tourists. This park is also known for large population of crocodiles apart from Bengal tiger and the other wild animals.

Sunderbans tour offers you an opportunity to gather lots of unforgettable memories of different experiences. It is a beautiful place apart from the thrilling experiences of wild animals. Especially bird watchers should plan their Sunderbans tour in the winter season as they will be able to see a large numbers of colorful and wonderful birds during that period.

In order to visit this quite calm and beautiful destination, tourists should take the help of packages. They will plan their journey with comforts and peace. First you have to reach Kolkata and from there Sunderban is just at 5 hours journey which also includes the boat ride of two hours. You will get a unique experience of this attractive and mysterious place. You can explore the park by boating on the edges of the lands of tiger. Here you can enjoy photography but for shopping it is not a good place.