Five Tricks Keep Our Health During Dining Out
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Five tricks keep our health during dining out

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It is hard to resist the temptation of tasty foods while dining out or going to the party, thus we probably eat too much. Therefore, our stomach has to shoulder excessive load even damage. How to control our appetite? How to follow a healthy diet? Here I will share five tricks that are great for keeping you away from excess fat resulting from overeating. So you can satisfy your desire without causing any damages on the health.
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Trick one: eating something before going to the party.
It is better for you to eat a few soda crackers or fruits to increase the satiety, thus preventing excessive intake of meat and fat during the feast.
Trick two: eating decorative vegetables on the plate as more as possible.
The key to dropping weight is to manage your calorie intake. Vegetarian dishes are rare in a feast. However, they can provide you with massive fibers and vitamins. Because, dietary fibers in vegetables can help you discharge the excess fat out of your body, thus preventing fattening. Eat those decorative vegetables or fruits on the plate as far as possible. Try to manage the ratio of vegetables and animal foods within 3:1 or 4:1.
Trick three: controlling your uptake of soup and animal foods.
If you want to reduce fat intake at the dinner,you had better eat less fried dishes, or remove wrapping flour or the skin of animal foods. Of course, you should drink thick soup, or vegetable juice as less as possible. In addition, you should also pay attention to the intake of protein and cholesterol. Your body will become acidic physique when you have too much animal foods, such as chicken, duck and meat, resulting in fatigue. It is noticed that you should eat less high-cholesterol foods like crab, eel, shrimp and other seafoods, especially in the buffet. Try to follow a healthy dietary order: soup, vegetable, staple food, seafood, and meat, in order to reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract and liver. You can also eat paiyouji within half an hour after a meal.
Trick four: drinking more chrysanthemum tea.
Many girls believe, drinking plenty of drinks at the banquet is easy to fatten, so substituting tea for it. The truth is, it is not so healthy. Because tea contains large amount of tannic acid and theophylline, which will affect the digestion. And it is forbidden to drink tea at dinner and within half an hour after a meal. Neither before a meal. It is the best to choose chrysanthemum tea and other weak tea if you really have to.
Trick five: do not eat fruits immediately after dinner.
It is not conducive to health to eat fruit immediately after a meal. The reason it, it takes about 1~2 hours for the stomach to digest and discharge those eaten foods. When you have fruits after the dinner, it will block the foods in the stomach. The fructose in fruit can not timely enter the intestine, and then ferment in the stomach to produce organic acids, causing bloating and diarrhea. It will lead to lesions due to digestive disorders in the long term.
Warm prompt.
You might as well follow a light and predominantly vegetarian diet after the dinner, thus maintaining the balanced intake of various nutrients. Try less salt and oil, and attention should be paid to supplement the lack of vegetable, fruit, cereal, bean and other products in the feast. In addition, it is unable to change eating your diet after going back from the dinner at night. It is suggested that you take a 40-minute or more walk. But, don't forget adjust your diet the following day.