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You will need to take extra precautions for Cyclone  - especially if you live in an area where you are most susceptible.

One precaution you will need to take during cyclone season is to make sure all your property shed doors are closed. This will decrease the changes of the doors of these sheds blowing off their hinges and becoming projectiles. In addition, you will want to make sure you firmly secure tall garden plants with a stake. This will help decrease the change that they will be uprooted.

Another safety tip for vehicle owners is to make sure that you do not park your car under a tree. Besides, you could be driving home when a hurricane strikes. In addition, when you know that a storm will hit, or you hear of a hurricane warning, make sure you bring in all flags and awnings.

Before a hurricane all ornaments such as gazing balls and seasonal decorations must be removed. Otherwise, these could be danger to your selves or others. In addition, your pool covers should be secure. In addition, harvest as much of your vegetables from your garden as possible.

If you live on a steep slope or near water you will need to prepare for possible erosion problems. You will need to know what way the water would pass through your yard, and prepare an evacuation procedure ahead of time. In addition, you will want to remove any items of value from your yard where the water would most hit.

An additional important precaution you will need to heed before a cyclone  is to prepare yourself a first aid kit. This would include extra medications, bandages, emergency phone numbers, and extra cell phone, cash, and anything else you can fit in it.

Other items that you may want to gather together in the event of a cyclone would be some bottles of water, important documents (driver’s license, social security cards, insurance information, tax records, birth and marriage certificates), and a flashlight. You would also make use of a battery-powered radio in a time like this.

You may even want to consider packing a suitcase for each member of your family to take with you in case of a cyclone evacuation. This bag would include any personal items and clothing that you may need.

If it is hurricane season and you are wondering whether or not you should evacuate there is one way you can find out. For example, you can listen to weather broadcasts and wait for a direction to evacuate. You also can evacuate if you live on the coast, in a floodplain, near a river, or near an inland waterway.

If you live in a mobile home and you hear of a possibility of a cyclone you should leave that home and find more secure cover. It is wise to arrange this emergency shelter spot ahead of time. It could be a local cyclone  relief center, a relative’s home, or another building that you may own that is not located in the area.

You will also want to evacuate the scene of a hurricane if you live a high-rise building, or a temporary building structure (such as a tent). If you just feel you may be in danger it may be necessary to evacuate as well. Again, it is wise to have an evacuation plan before hurricane season hits.

Additional tips can be found if you read other articles such as this, and you can visit websites such as the one from FEMA if you need more information. The more prepared you are for a disaster the better off you will be.