Finally Shah Rukh Khan To Join Politics
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Finally Shah Rukh Khan to join politics

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He may have loads of mass appeal, but Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday ruled out the option of joining politics least until he turns 127 years old."I might join politics at the age of 127 - when probably you guys are old and I am still young," Shah Rukh quipped at a press conference.

Dressed in a crisp white shirt and a chic black suit with neatly cropped hair, the 43-year-old actor spread cheer among the 200-plus crowd, including many kids, at the Emporio Mall where he came as a brand ambassador for Swiss watch brand Tag Heuer.

Shah Rukh, who is nursing a shoulder injury, was at his jocular best when he took digs at journalists and gave witty answers.

Asked about his shoulder problem, Shah Rukh told a reporter: "I just can't hug you hard enough.""I will be well. I'm going for surgery in the next few days. I was just hoping to delay it because of a few close commitments like this event and also for promoting my film 'Billu Barber'. As soon as that is released, I will enroll myself into a hospital and get my injury repaired."

Shah Rukh said he is upset about his injury as he cannot move as much as he would otherwise like to. He is also sad that he cannot exert his body much and, therefore, has to refrain from his daily dose of exercise too.

"I am feeling a little sad because for the next six months I won't be able to play football or do any exercise. I used to lift weights but with this injury I can't do anything of that sort," he said.

Despite the injury, Shah Rukh did not let his pain show through. He made a top official of the watch brand sing "Mar jaani, mar jaani" - a peppy Hindi number from 'Billu Barber'.