Need For Value Education
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Need for value education

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Need For Value Education

“A 13 year old boy is a father of one”

“17-yr old shoots 15, kills self’

These are some of the incidents which were in news recently. Although these didn’t make it to front page but that doesn’t mean that these should be neglected. If we scrutinize these cases we will realize the fact that something was missing in the above mentioned students. That filler is of “Value Education”

We are living in the world which is full of temptation. There are friends who want companion to help them in wrong doings. There are people who will offer easy but wrong choices. Without the backing of Value Education picked during school life, the students will face life nervously and slip into a lifestyle where the only values will be of survival at any cost which is quiet evident from the above mentioned cases. The guy who killed 15 others has survived in the minds of the people but at the cost of his own life.

In our own country, we are producing talented students every year who are able to mark their presence in national as well as international scenario. But how many of them are having value education inculcated in them? I am not doubting their talent, but the point to be discussed is"are they really having that feeling of patriotism, love for nation in them?” Let’s keep aside the students, what about the normal public or those who are sitting on respectable positions are they possessing this filler in them? Only handful is the answer.

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