Teasing : The Solution
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Teasing : The Solution

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Student of MBA

Hello Friends,

Firstly I am thankful to Mr. B M SHARMA Mohan DRSHARMA, Mr. AM I A HINDU HINDU, Mr. Sen Kumar, Mr. Pannkaj Jain, , Mr. Swami Rishiji, Mr. Alok Kumar Sharma and Mr. Bhagirathi Nayak for putting their opinions on the issue of teasing.

I am agreeing with their point of views. I have taken the opinion from girls group & finally I compiled the result, which is as follows:

The style of punishing them becomes old now and it needs a renewal, so the final results are here all the teasers are divided into three categories: Basic, Middle & Higher:

Basic level: Being Proactive

1. Co-education must be compulsory for higher education.

2. Teasing must have restricted everywhere.

3. Girls must realize the importance of good dressing sense, there can be decency in the dress. (I know some of you will not be agreeing with it because you are the citizens of independent country, but my friend it is also a big reason for teasing).

4. Girls should not feel them self helpless, try to find the solution to the problem immediately.

5. There should be a toll free no. in which girls can call & inform about the crime.

6. It should have punishment which must give a feeling of shame as well as guilty.

7. The punishment can be social in nature like:

a. Working as a labour in any under construction building for one week without any payment & mask (open face), where people can see them & take lesson for them.

b. Work as a road cleaner, with a broom.

c. Dressed like girls for a whole week.

d. Work as a live male mannequin on the popular retail store for 7 days.

Middle Level: Take back all their certificates and degrees for a year or two & kick out them from the jobs as well as print their name on news paper with their photograph with a board “I am a ruffian, beware of ME”.

Higher Level: (Worst one): If those teasers again commit the same mistake then put them in the jail, for 15 days with other thugs and send them into rehabilitation centre for learning mediation & Yoga (to control their mind).

Above description is suggested because beating those criminals & putting them into jail for a long time is not an effective solution for this problem, because they become rude & habitual with these things & they repeat their mistake again & again. We need a proper solution for that crime because I think this is a mental crime, because those criminals feel happy after teasing.

So keep protecting our culture from those criminals…

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