Weekend Masti : Picnic
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Weekend Masti : Picnic

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Student of MBA

Hello friends, this weekend what you are planning to do? If you don’t have any plan then I have a plan for you. Try to go for the picnic for celebrating your weekend with your family.

Some things to be remember:

  1. First select the suitable place for the picnic with your family (it depends on your choice that you would like a crowded place or peaceful place.
  2. Arrange the basic required things for the picnic.
  3. Take your favorite games with you.
  4. Water is the most basic requirement, so arrange it prior.
  5. If you are going for a long distance trip then recharge your mobiles first & bring your charger too. Also check it whether your mobile’s network will be available there or not?

You know weekend is for every one, so don’t get irritate if some more peoples have come to share the same place with you. Let them also enjoy the beauty of that picnic place.

So what are you waiting for?? Immediately make a plan & go for the picnic….

Oho! beware of bears, dogs & monkeys.....

Enjoy your weekend…