Need Of A Revolutionary Leader
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Need of a Revolutionary Leader

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Student of MBA

India! is a country having world’s largest population & biggest democracy. Every Indian is seeing a dream to be a part of developed nation in future. I know it will be happened one day but when??

Indian politics is a subject which is very uncommon among me like students. Uncommon because of only one reason that is its haphazard treatment, I never like to talk about politics because I thought it is just wastage of time & will create chaos. My mentality is not unique because most of the students think same like me. The image of a politician in our mind is not good, I think that he is person who is a good speaker, having a power to influence people either by hook or crook, but once he entered into the legislative assembly or Parliament he forgets all his promises & agenda. But I was wrong, until I know about Mr. YSR.

When I heard the news about a missing CM of Andhra Pradesh Mr. When I log on to a news website in my college I got to know that he died in a helicopter crash. Truly speaking - only one thing I was sharing to my friends that why he was using helicopter to travel, he could go by rods also, because I was unaware about that noble person. I have searched a lot about him & after that I understood his unique way of working, which is totally missing in any other leader- “His love & attachment for the common village man”. India is country having its maximum population in villages, after every 5 years leaders come to villages just for the heck of votes, but forget the Common Man after getting the seat. Then why they make such promises to make India a developed country?

Our politics not only need young politicians but we need young though process also, a recreation of the whole political system. Now we need a system which is common people oriented. A system like Mr. YSR was using. We need to convert the whole system from Money to Man .Why politicians are wasting money for converting the Green Land into Stone Land? They need have a look on drought affected areas where farmers are dying due to fear & hunger. They are praying to God to help them, but the so called agents of God are enjoying their positions, because the common man deals a political leader as an agent of God. That is why so many people have died just after the death of Mr. YSR.

We lost a great mind that could change the political system. We need his ideas & we should inspire by his personality, he could give us a Life Long Learning.