Any Takers: Dreams, Hope & Self-Esteem ?
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Any takers: Dreams, Hope & Self-esteem ?

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We are all in Sales: we trade something we have for something we want ... day-in and day-out.

At Maryam Holistic Health, our Associates help, guide and mentor each other towards Dreams, Hope and Self-esteem.

So how do you buy Dreams, Hope and Self-Esteem?

Dreams: First of all make your list: what do u want to be (traits, habits, character profile), do (activities, skills, talents that u will utilize ... and who will benefit), have (material things u would like to possess). Notice the order is always: BE, DO and last comes have ...

Share the Dreams with our Associates in a one-on-one mail or face-to-face meeting ... and get their alternate solutions and paths thru which u can achive your dreams. Discuss the price (time, effort, money, failures, feedback, scolds, rejections etc) that u must pay .. to achieve what u want ...

For most dreams, the speed at which u fail, accept rejections and still get up and continue working ... will determine the time-fame ... So discuss and come to a suitable time-frame for your dreams. Get out of comfort zone.

Hope: There are only 2 ways in which our Associates can give you hope.
(a) They are successful themselves and have achieved the dream u want to achieve: They are already what u want to be, They are already doing what u want to do and they already have or are in the process of acquiring what u want to have ... sounds reasonable?

See ordinary people achieve extraordinary success by doing just a little extra. If they can do it, and they are willing to coach u, surely u will achieve your dreams (provided u pay the price :-)

(b) The second way to get hope is to experience small successes yourself. Our Associates will stand by your side and help you all through the way ... till u reach yr dreams. Then they will help u define new more challenging dreams: this is a life-long process and journey to success. Will your commitment stand this test? Will you be a friend? and search for 6 to 10 great friends? "Friends ... they cherish one another's hopes. They are kind to one another's dreams." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Todays financial world of credit cards, personal loans and EMIs ... leads to stress, worry and loss of self-esteem. Books, success stories, case studies all help us build self-esteem. So also the small successes we achieve boosts our self-esteem, self-image ... However, the best way to gain self-esteem is outside the self :-)

We must take our eyes off ourselves, lend a helping hand ... and start giving people a hand up rather than a hand out. Teach people to fish for a lifetime ... rather than give them food for a meal or one day. When we help someone else reach the dreams that they have, and we see the trust confidence and respect for us in their eyes ... that is the supreme moment for our self-esteem. It is a self-reinforcing loop, a positive cycle of ever increasing good. "
Our self image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become." ~ Maxwell Maltz.

Come join our team: Maryam Holistic Health Associates. Holistic Health ensures balanced improvement in all 7 areas of our life: physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, financial, career/biz, relationships and social/vocational. We help others, give service and are hugely rewarded for our time and efforts. If u r interested in learning more, and if u have a dream of having abundance so u can help many more people towards health and financial abundance.

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