Calculate Your Holistic Health Index (HHI)
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Calculate your Holistic Health Index (HHI)

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The Seven God-given gifts to us are seven areas which we must balance to enjoy health wealth and success which leads to peace of mind and long lasting joy.

A. Order these seven as per YOUR priority.
Use numbers 1 thru 7.

1. Physical Vitality PV,

2. Emotional Mental Well-being EW,

3. Spiritual Connectivity SC,

4. Time Rich TR,

5. Financial Abundance FA,

6. Relationship Prosperity RP and

7. Social Vocational orientation SV.

B. Now how well u r doing in each of the 7 areas?

Give yourself a Score of 1,2,4 or 5: where 1: Very Poor, 2: Okay can improve 4: Good and 5: Excellent (Note:middle value 3 is not allowed)

C. Calculate Weightage factor as:
Weightage = (8 - the priority u gave in step A).

Your Holistic Health Index is:

HHI = Score * Weightage

You must use the questionnaire given below to give your Score ... make sure that u r absolutely honest with yourself ... re-visit this quiz once every 3 months for next checkup of Holistic Health

Meaning of the Scores:
100 - 140 : You have excellent balance and great Holistic Health at the present moment and this point in time. Re-evaluate every 3 months to ensure great holistic health.
60 - 99 : You have great scores in a few areas and have neglected other areas. Restore the balance at the earliest with help of friends and best to find a Mentor.
1 - 59 : You have reached Desperate happiness-threatening stage. You need help urgently. Try to create the balance u need. Contact Maryam Holistic Health Associates or find yourself a good Mentor NOW.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. ~ Zig Ziglair
You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want. ~ ZigZiglair


(Vibrancy vs Complacency)

Fact: We cannot buy Health. We must EARN it thru good daily habits: Exercise,Attitude positive, Rest adequate timely and Nutritious food as per WHO recommended diets. Our physical health wrt E, A and R are just a decision away: if it is to be, its up to me and MY decision to own physical vitality. However wrt nutrition and food items we are dependent on may external factors for growing, transporting, cooking the food we eat.

  1. Exercise: is mandatory for good physical mental and emotional health. Yes / No?

  2. You do brisk walking or other exercise daily for minimum of 20 minutes continuously. Yes / No?

  3. You lift weights for muscle strength at least twice a week for 15 minutes? Yes / No?

  4. You visit doctor & dentist for check-up at least once a year (below 50) and twice a year (above 50)?

  5. Adequate timely Rest: u sleep only at night between 10pm and 4am regularly? Yes / No?

  6. No noon naps, u wake up mornings max by 7am daily? Yes / No?
    If ‘No’ how many mornings a week after 9am?

  7. U go to bed daily before 11pm? Yes / No?
    If ‘No’ how many nights a week after 11pm?

  8. Do u wake up to an alarm clock(rude), by self or friendly shake? AR / BS / FS?

  9. Nutritious food: Do u know the WHO recommended dietary allowance of what u have to eat daily for good health? Yes / No?

  10. Vegetables and fruits u eat are organically grown without pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals? Yes / No?

  11. You consume vegs fruits within 3 hours of being plucked to enjoy phyto-nutrient benefits? Yes / No?

  12. You have full control of what u eat daily, when u eat, with whom u eat, how u eat the atmosphere and ambiance while eating? Yes / No?

(Proactive calm vs Reactive tension)

Fact:Emotion swings play a great part in physical health. The mind canmake us sick and it can heal and cure us too. We can choose ourresponse to the diverse good and bad events (classified as such byour own limited minds) in our lives.

  1. Tick or circle the emotions that u experience once a week or more: Frustration, sorrow, depression, dejection, self-pity, anger, shouting, screaming, verbal abuse, physical abuse, continuous mumblings grumblings in monotones, shrill tone of voice, screech, shriek?

    (1b) To whom? Why? Can u avoid it with ‘pause’ time & active meditation?

  2. How often in a week do u criticize, condemn, complain about (a) self to self (b) self to others (c) about others ?

  3. How often in a week do u compliment, praise / appreciate, recognize efforts, reward efforts of (a) self (b) family (c) others ?

  4. Do u console with empathy (not sympathy), guide thru questions (not advice), counsel thru 2-way friendly discussions (not 1-way dictatorship) (a) self (b) family (c) others ?

  5. How often do u smile to (a) self (b) family (c) others (d) strangers?

  6. Are u careful about the books u read, the tapes, CDs, TV programs u listen to and watch and the people u associate with? Cos u will become like those u live with day-in day-out.

  7. Are u aware of how u treat and talk to yourself: watch it, record it, r u willing to pause and change the self-dialogues in a second?

  8. Do u regularly exercise, meditate, do prana yama (deep breathing), remain quiet and listen to sounds around, spend time with soothing music?

  9. Do u spend at least 15 minutes daily (maybe even commute time – if not driving) in prayer, gratitude, help, hope, faith and belief increasing thoughts, words and actions?

(Throbbing Alive vs Ritual)

Fact: To achieve great good things in large proportions God HAS to step in to help. Laws of Attraction, Cause and Effect, Give to Receive, Spoken Word, Unity and Submission are facts of live. Many people become successful beyond their imagination cos of their ‘living’ faith and belief in a Just God.

  1. Do u know the laws of success? Principles which are universal? Do u spend time to find out what these laws and principles are?

  2. Do u use them? Have u had any experiences to prove the laws work?

  3. Your concept of the Supreme Power of God (a) cruel punisher (b) gentle Father (c) hard taskmaster (d) Ineffective in modern times: deaf, blind (e) Just, great Benefactor creates all events for our good

  4. Everything happens for our good. Are u humble and grateful during happy events? Thoughtful and in learning mode during ‘bad’ events?

  5. Do u pause (meditation in action) before u re-act to any event that happens in your life? Wait a moment to connect with Supreme Being to find out why the event came ? Maybe there is a great blessing hidden?

  6. Do u read positive mental attitude enhancing books regularly? Daily? Do u listen to positive CDs at least for 15 minutes a day? Do u spend at least half an hour conversing with positive people who encourage u to reach beyond your comfort zone & follow your dreams?

  7. Do u start your day with at least 15 minutes of prayer, meditation, giving thanks for what u already have, asking guidance for what u plan to do that day? At night do u pray once more, thank God for His Help and guidance throughout the day, for both good and bad events that occurred? For keeping u in good health and for allowing u time for the rest which u are about to take? Do u have the time to ask for a good nights sleep which heals and refreshes.

(Quantity with Quality vs. Rush with Stress)

Fact: We rush through life with no time for our own health, for no time with parents, children nor even with our God-given companion: our spouse.What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare? To marvel at Gods creations? To visit Natures Bounty,beautiful places and diverse people that we watch only on discovery Channel? Do we today have a choice wrt the time we get up in the morning, the time we sleep, the time we can eat, socialize, attend to family emergencies/ or are we at the beck and call of career andbusiness responsibilities and pressures?

  1. Do you enjoy your work? Do you feel satisfied, valued and recognitions at your place of work? Do u have a best friend at work? Does your supervisor or anyone else give u compliments, encourage u and coach or mentor u in these 7 areas?

  2. What percentage of your time do you spend at work every week? How much of that time is really productive for (a) the organization u work for (b) your family (c) for the advancement of your own personal goals and dreams?

  3. How often do u travel away from home monthly? How many evenings do u spend 7 to 10pm at home with your children? How many weekends do u get monthly to relax with friends, family and relatives?

  4. How often do u search for something u misplaced, for a name u forgot, for a face u love and want to reach out to? How many school friends, college mates, ex-colleagues, dear relatives (ones u really care for & who love u too) do u find time to talk to in a week? A month? A year?

  5. Do you enjoy regular social gatherings at places of worship, weddings, festival time etc? how often in a year for how many hours?

  6. Has recession hit your income? Your promotion? Your bonus? How do u plan to bridge the gap between inflation wrt prices and income stagnation or decreases due to recession? Now? In future?

  7. When was the last time u woke up when u wanted to, had food when u felt hungry and not cos it was lunchtime, surprised your spouse and children or your parents by reaching home an hour earlier? Were they delighted or annoyed?

  8. Do u have hobbies? Is there something u love doing? How much time have u spent recently on such tasks that u like?

  9. When was the last time u took a one-day picnic, an evening outing, a week vacation with (a) self (b) family (c) friends

(Peace of Mind vs Budget the Essentials)

Fact: Old economy thinking, old age strategies do not create wealth and assets in today’s world. Jobs are no longer permanent. To the company your salary is an EXPENSE item and must be kept within bounds. Jobs have retirement age of 58 years at a time when we feel at our peak wrt domain expertise and management acumen. Business on the other hand has greater risks today with government interventions, competition from giants, uncertain economies and speed of technological obsolescence. Credit card, EMIs and loans are a way of life. Debt produces stress, need to tell lies, lose mental emotional health andself respect.

  1. Do u apportion your monthly income as per the 10-20-10-60 rule of prosperity: 10 % tithe, 20% invest for assets, 10% save for emergencies, and spend only 60% on expenses including EMIs? If not what are your current %ages?

  2. Do u educate yourself wrt the items on which u have invested or saved money for future?

  3. Does your Financial Advisor invest in the same items that he puts your money in? Is your Financial Advisor wealthier than you are? Does he own today the assets that u want to own in the future?

  4. What percentage of your income goes towards payments of EMIs and other debts? What will happen to your family wrt finances if your income were to decrease for any reason?

  5. When u are 45+ years what happens when your expenses increase due to inflation etc and your income stagnates?

  6. When u reach 58 years and have to retire, what will u retire on? More income for the extra expenses and needs of old age?

  7. When was the last time you gave the gift your parents wanted, your spouse desired or your children needed?

  8. Do u have a backup plan in case your current income streams get disturbed? Can your children and spouse be financially comfortable in case death (which can come at anytime to anyone: and everyone has to leave one day) were to visit you unexpectedly?

(Unity & Love in-depth vs Fast &Furious)

Fact: Wehave no time to sit at the feet of our aged parents daily and listento their youth stories. We have no time to spend with our growingchildren to listen to their blabbering (spontaneous heartoutpourings). Both Quality and Quantity of time spent togetherdetermines the depth of relationship: not mere gifts of money alone.Divorce rate has increases cos husband and wife have no time (andtherefore no patience) with each other.

  1. Are u willing to find time DAILY for people u care? Can u make minor changes in your schedule to include thoughtful actions?

  2. What do u do when u r together with (a) spouse (b) parents and elders (c) children and younger set (d) friends

  3. How often and how long (without thoughts wandering away in worry) are u together monthly with (a) spouse (b) parents and elders (c) children and younger set (d) friends?

  4. Arguments need time and patience to avoid escalations into ugly situations. Do u have both time and patience?

  5. Cause of arguments: (give %ages): money, in-laws, children, others

  6. How soon can you be available to a loved one in distress: 15 minutes, 2 hours, after a day, not at all?

  7. How much and how soon can u respond to a loved one when they ask for financial help? Without making a dent in your own life? Can u handle unexpected medical and other contingency expenses in the family and friends?

  8. Can u give both time, money and emotional mental solace to your friends in distress?

(Hand-ups vs. Hand-outs)

Fact: Godhas given us a lot. We have received great environment from societyto grow and achieve our present-day success. We must give back tocomplete the circle of Give – Receive – Give so that we cancontinue to receive the next level of gifts from Supreme Power God.

1. What do u donate monthly? As a %age of your income? Is it above 10%?

2. What causes do u help with? How much time do u give ? How much %age monthly?

3. How many people are better off cos you have met them? Cause u have lived on this earth?

4. Can u reschedule your current tasks to create following pockets of time for betterment of yourself and others (a) One hour daily (b) 2 to 3 hours on weekends (c) 10 hours a week?

5. Can u give time, money and emotional mental solace to those in a natural calamity? To society to help clean up some injustice? To a good cause? To do what is right?

6. How do u spend your spare time? Excess money? 10% income that u keep aside for tithe, for religious community improvements? Do u personally ensure that the money reaches the right people in a timely manner?


  1. Physical Vitality
    ‘The Wellness Revolution’ by Paul Zane Pilzer; ‘Secrets of supplements’ by Gloria Askew, ‘Optimal Health Revolution’ by Duke Johnston

  2. Emotional Mental Well-Being
    ‘Heal Your Body’ and ‘You can Heal Your Life’ by Louise L Hay, ‘Mind Power: Use Positive thinking to change your life’ by Christian H Godefroy, ‘The Present’ and ‘Peaks and Valleys’ by Spencer Johnston, ‘Reject Me – I love it’ by John Fuhrman

  3. Spiritual Connectivity
    Any book or Cds by Guy Finley, Jim Rohn, Robert H Schuller, The Bible, The Holy Qur’an (with meaning), ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill, ‘What u must say when u talk to yourself’ by Shad Helmstetter

  4. Business-Career Success
    Books or Cds by Brian Tracy, Rovbin Sharma, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, ‘The 7 spiritual laws of success’ by Deepak Chopra, ‘First Break all the rules’ and ‘Discover Your Strengths’ by Marcus Buckingham et al, ‘Critical Path’ by Elias Goldratt

  5. Financial Abundance
    ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ & ‘ The Business School’ by Robert Kiyosaki; ‘The Science of getting rich’ by Wallace D. Wattles, ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ by George Samuel Clason

  6. Relationship Prosperity
    ‘Skill with people’ by Les Gibran, ‘The Five love languages’ by Gary Chapman, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ by John Gray , ‘ How to win friends and influence people ‘ by Dale Carnegie, ‘Masters of Networking’ by Ivan R Misner et al

  7. Social Vocational Orientation
    ‘Be all you can be’ by John Maxwell, ‘The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom’ by Yochai Benkler, ‘The Hidden Power of Social Networks: Understanding how work really gets done in organizations’ by Robert L Cross et al


Three keys to a productive, fruitful life:
(DAILY habits: +ve FEATs,BEAT –ves, BEAD of actions)
Reside& abide in God throughout the day. Esp. first 15 minutes of your day spend in prayer, meditation, self talk, read scriptures, attitude of gratitude. BELIEF. FAITH.
Receive knowledge from positive books, CDs, tapes, and positive people.Convert knowledge to wisdom thru Positive Action with mentorship &counseling. EDUCATE. ACT.
Return in full measure. Give to receive. Coach, mentor, guide others. TEACH.DUPLICATE.
One BEAD (Belief, Educate Act, Duplicate) at a time; string it on the thread of selfless service; choose to make life your positive and productive by learning and improving with every event and person u meet.
~John Maxwell (adapted from)


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