IQ, EQ ... Now: What Is Your HHQ?
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IQ, EQ ... Now: What is your HHQ?

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Senior Software Manager

Holistic Health Quotient HHQ: the awareness on a balance in seven areas needs to be spread world wide. We want to have it all: Health, Wealth of money and time, Success, Joy and Beauty.

This involves work: we must strive and continuously work for BALANCE with the help of the great Britt World Wide University and Maryam Holistic Health Associates.

My company is Maryam Holistic Health Associates and we train people in 40 countries to provide holistic health to many others. In this process we also teach people to create substantial spare-time income from expenses ... so that we can have the abundance to help others more effectively.

We are interested in expanding in India & abroad and would like our representative from Britt World Wide University contact you on our behalf.

Holistic Health ensures balanced improvement in all 7 areas of our life: physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, financial, career/biz, relationships and social/vocational. We help others, give service and are hugely rewarded for our time and efforts.

When we become a Holistic Health Associate and Leader, we can earn substantial extra income in spare time while we improve in all 7 areas of Holistic Health.

Just answer 3 questions to yourself:
1. Do u need to become better? Do u want to improve? in which areas, in what order of importance and priority?
2. Next how much time can u allocate?
3. 3rd Are u willing to help others?

Step 1: First evaluate where u stand, decide where u want to go. Find out whether u need any help and support to become a better more holistic person.

You can do that by: Calculate your Holistic Health Index (HHI) as per the instructions on my blog at

Share the weightages and individual scores of each of the 7 areas of Holistic Health with me and my team ...

Step 2: Then agree to Associate with my team. Let us know the time u can allocate for this spare time business: (a) one hour daily (best) or (b) one hour 3 times a week and (c) 6 hours on weekends

We can discuss next steps ... cos coaching, success in business and profitable Associations are a series of small tasks completed to our own satisfaction ...

Step 3: Last but not least: You have been created by God as an Ambassador on this earth: not as a slave or servant to any other human being - whether it is your career or society. So once u start on the journey towards holistic health, u MUST help other people around u: actually helping others is mandatory for all our Associates at Maryam Holistic Health Associates.

As Zig Ziglair says when we help many people get what they want, we will achieve all that we want: that is the secret of all successful businesses.

Do complete Step 1 and send me your honest scores and which areas u want to improve ... in what order ... how much ... by what time. Share your needs, wants, desires and dreams wrt each of 7 areas of Holistic Health: and also with share the same with my Britt World Wide representative.

Keep smiling, have fun, live an impact full life: a life of balanced personal success, influence & significance

Naseem Mariam
Maryam Holistic Health Associates
with Britt World Wide University
Chennai 9840323906 India