What Will Keep Our Cars Running In Future.
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What will keep our Cars running in future.

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The Moment we see the scrolling lines of any news channel mentioning " Crude oil price to go further up" only one thing comes in to our mind that what is going to happen. How this world going to fulfill its need for energy as more than 80% resources of energy are mineral based or conventional fuel ( e.g. coal, petroleum) but we should not get alarmed by this news about the Crude oil price because this is just the small wave of the sunami and bigger one is about to come.

What the real problem is : Today's price hike in crude oil is just because of two three thing, like unrest in few oil producing nations and greedy mentality of the OPEC but these are not the permanent problem and can be solved with the time. But our major concern is that, the mineral based energy is limited and this will be finish at a point of time "so what are we going to do after that" ?

And our concern increases when we know that any organic thing takes millions of years to be converted in petroleum or coal. one more thing which increases our worryis that we are still to find any stable substitute to find for this source of energy.

What are the prospective Solutions : -

1. Solar Energy: its a very popular and continuous source of energy currently we are using just a quantum of this. As there are some boundation for this like it depends on the weather and climate conditions. We can use it for lighting purpose mainly because the cost of conserving it and using in other machinery is very costly. and it can not your car if it is no an electric one.

2. Wind energy. Again this source can be used for producing power on small level and it depends on weather and climate conditions and it won’t run your car.

3. Nuclear Energy: This is the biggest source of energy on the planet. and we are already shifting our power need to this resource. The power produced by this technique is devastating and it needs technical superiority to control this and use for civil purpose. We are producing power only by nuclear fission the day we will be able to control nuclear fusion we will have the biggest source of power and good thing about this is it will need sea water as its fuel. The biggest concern of this energy is the environment and safety as it can prove fatal for both.

There is a good news for us that " Our country is having lots of Thorium which is used for producing urenium in breeder reactors". So we have technology, we have raw materail for Nucler power only one thing we need and that is a clear nuclear policy.

Hydrogen : This is the energy we are interested from starting we were searching that what will run our car, Hydrogen is the answer for that. Some car manufacturer already have started working on it and came up with the prototype of this car. This source of energy if utilized in full can be proved a boon for the entire mankind. The two biggest advantages of this energy are 1. The source for hydrogen is water which we have plenty on our planet 2. The use of hydrogen as fuel will leave no pollutants in the environment. for example if we will run a hydrogen car then it will produce water as exhaust. so it will solve the pollution problam also.

Methane hydrate : This is a newly identified source of energy. Not many people know about it, but in future this is going to be main source for the energy . It is a unlimited source of energy as its production is continuous by nature inside the sea.

The main barricade to achieve this source is that we still have to find ways to extract Methane hydrate from sea and produce energy from it.

Bio fuel: Its an another prospective subtitute for our fuel requirement. We get biofuel from jatropa tree. We need to do huge plantation of this to fullfill our requirements. Indian railway has started using biofuel in some of its locomotives and have planted jatropa on railway land at many places.

But we can not depand on this fuel for our entire requirement as it will require lots of cultivative land and another point is we cannot use this fuel as full replacement of petrol or diesal we just can mix it with them in a particular ratio and then we can use it, It means we still require patrolium if we want to use bio fuel.

These are the few prospective sources which will replace the current resources of energy. As we are continuously working toward identifying the replacement of mineral fuel, so we live in a hope that we will get success in this before mineral fuel will be completely finished.

Hope till the time new sources arrive we will use the existing one carefully.